Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ramble Baubles, Part 1,000,000

I feel like I haven't written a real post post in a while. Not much is going on, of course, but that never used to stop me. I'm feeling down lately, and that also reflects into the fandom. Some of the joy is lost, but probably not for good. Also, I have the flu right now so if this post turns out to be super blah, it's just because of that.

I'm still very much NOT blah about James, though. Tumblr is proving a lot easier to post photos with, so I'm posting a couple per day over there. Also reblogging some beautiful artwork with James/James and Tricia. See it all at Fuck Yeah James Callis!

Soon we should have news about 17th Precinct, and I'm very hopeful that it will be picked up. If/WHEN it is, James will return to Vancouver to shoot next month, and there will be more delicious tidbits. I've purposefully not written a whole lot about the show so far. The thing is, I want to withhold my judgement until I've seen it or at least heard a little more about it. I'm a little unsure and nervous if I'll like it. I don't usually like police procedurals. But I do like James, Jamie and Tricia, and I like Ron's writing. I think I'll get a kick out of the magical elements too. So I'm cautiously optimistic still. It may not be my new favorite show OMG, so I'm trying to not be too pre-emptively gushy.

The good news is that James is very happy with the show, as told by Aaron Douglas:

theaarondouglas BTW. Spoke to James Callis, said 17th precinct was a great shoot & everything he hoped it would be. Check it out when it airs, gonna be gold
After BSG, James must have high expectations. We don't always have the same taste - Merlin?? - but he must hold Ron D. Moore up to a very high standard. This should be good.

Whether I like it or not, the show being picked up would be a great thing. It would mean more visibility, new fans, possibly more cons. It would mean lots of James and Jamie and Tricia being gorgeous together. From a less selfish perspective, it would mean that James gets to work with people he loves in a place he loves. So I'm really hoping for a green light here.

In the meantime, James has been tweeting a lot. His Twitter is everything I had hoped: funny, at times insightful, friendly. He doesn't spam with every minute detail of his life, and he doesn't get into fights with people. The tweets sound playful and down-to-earth. Some celebrity twitters are a bit, well, self-indulgent, and I never get that impression with James. (But then I may be biased. Maybe.) I enjoy reading his thoughts. I feel a bit nervous and jittery when he posts still, and I reply too much, but this too shall pass.

He's also a big fan of Radiohead, which is kind of cool. And odd. He can have fans and he can be a fan... which kind of means he's higher than us and Radiohead is higher than him? OR he's on the same level as us and also in the position of wanting to admire other people and their work? Hmmm. Sorry, I'm working on trying to bring him down to a more human level and not put him on a pedestal. It's not always easy for me. I tend to really get into things I love, and sometimes I need a reality check.

He hasn't put his foot in his mouth with some racist/sexist/etc. comment yet, so I'm starting to think he never will. I think he's actually really OK and accepting of other people. He's just human, so surely he has some bigoted notions and biased ideas, but he's smart enough to not tweet them. Sometimes actors, particularly comedians, dwell in the negative or offensive things, or they want to stir shit and say stuff that's "daring" and rude. The temptation might be quite high if you have a thousand followers. I respect James for not going that way. He has a beautiful mind. Am I putting him on a pedestal again? It's hard to tell.

There has been much request - or at least many searches - for "James Callis shirtless". There are no recent photos depicting him in such a delicious condition, but if you want to see some assorted BSG and Going Wrong goodies, look in my Tumblr, here. There are several pages. Some are just from his shoulders up, but there are several that show his lovely and somewhat hirsute torso too. Mm hmm. And I promise to keep adding screenshots in this category, too.

Some more search terms just for fun:
"james callis hair". I get a lot of these searches. Ah, the luscious mane! The lion's pride and horse's billowing-in-the-wind appendix. I know I've always been vocal about my love for his hair in all forms - perhaps too much so - and I do hope he won't go bald in the near future. If you wish to see pictures of his hair, see, well, every picture. But also the ones specifically tagged long hair or short hair.

"does James Callis smoke" - James Callis smokes, now don't you forget it.

"does james callis hate jamie bamber?" NO. They were very chummy on the set of 17th Precinct. See here. (Why should he hate Jamie? Or anyone, for that matter? I don't think he's the hating type.) They've always said what good friends they are, so I'd be very surprised if they suddenly fell out. And frankly, a little upset.

"James Callis always crying" - Umm, I don't think he is. Actually, I've never seen him cry off character. I imagine he's a touchy-feely guy, but it's not like he sits around weeping for no reason. If you mean on BSG, I think it's in part because he's so emotional and in part to humanize Baltar. He has the loveliest sad puppy eyes, doesn't he? Nicole made a great list of Baltar crying moments, but I can't find it for some reason. Maybe some linkage, Nicole?

"james callis weight" / "how much does james callis weigh"? You know what, get on Twitter and ask the maestro himself. If he doesn't like a question, he won't answer it. And I refuse to ask him, because he probably knows I'm horny about it, and it would be awkward. I'm not that curious about the number, actually, just his attitude on it. Not that it's any of my business, but then, what is?

Speaking of weight: "james callis thin"/"james callis skinny". It kind of varies. Usually, in the last couple of years, he is not skinny. Either way, don't worry, he's not anorexic or something. It's strange, I used to see him as very skinny before the donuts comment. I wonder how much of the chub I'm actually projecting and how much is there. For your own analysis, I refer you to the shirtless pictures linked above. Or perhaps the "tummy" tag.

"great Gaius Baltar quotes". I'm sure there's a site with some.. .let's see. If there isn't, I may have to make a post. Oh my, "Gaius Baltar thought of the day"? This is gold, Jerry, gold! Most of my favorites are already in there. I'd add "Oh my god, oh my giddy aunt!", "No, I haven't done anything!" (when asked "Are you Gaius Baltar?") and... Hmmm. I should really make some posts/tumbls about my favorites. Tumblr has gotten me into a major Gaius Baltar fangirl mood again.

"men pissing" - sorry, wrong blog. 
"finnish blog fandom james callis" - right blog. Unless you be hatin'. 

"hot girl standing next to paint horse" - wait, what?