Wednesday, February 23, 2011

James with Children = awwww.

This is an adorable interview with the America child actors, Jefferson and Anslei Shelton. Overall worth seeing if you like kids. But there's this adorable, very small clip with James Callis that just made me melt.

Jefferson: "One of my most favorite characters is Mr Leverett, really silly and fun." That's James' character. OMG I HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE LIKE BURNING. I haven't seen James interact with children much on screen, and I really want to see it.

Here's a screencap - it's from the America website, so it has that red stuff, but I'm too lazy to take another one from the Youtube video:

How cute is that?! James is saying "This is Star Wars" something, but it cuts off there. Toby suggested they're playing Lego Star Wars on the PSP. James really looks like he's bonding with the child and talking to him on the same level. Which I love. (Also, nice nerdy touches with the hair/glasses/undershirt.)

I dunno if it's my hormones responding to "good Daddy material" or what, but every time I see a man being kind to children it's just awwwwww. And if it's James, it's extra awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww with hearts and glitter. And now I sound twelve but honestly, how cute is he?

That's all I have to say. I know there's no real substance to this post but who cares.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Search And Ye Shall Find

I've been bitten bad by the Tumblr bug, and the bite grows bigger and more inflamed by the day.
Um, despite that mental image, do check my James Tumblr. Lots of photos each day.

I thought I'd take a look at the search terms that people use to land in my blog. There have been some interesting ones lately, and maybe I can be of assistance regarding the queries...

"Neha Callis"/ "James Callis wife photo". I get several of these a month and sorry, I can't help you there. There are no photos of her online (in public at least). She's an attorney, comes from New Delhi, India, and that's about all I can tell you. Some fans saw her at a Comic Con in 2008 and said she was gorgeous. She's a little unreal to me, to be honest. Not because I'm so terribly jealous, it's just like someone I hear about but never see, like she exists in another realm. I can't really imagine James' family. Just last night, I dreamt he had put up photos of them - and I totally respect that he doesn't but I guess on SOME level I really want to see them. His boys looked exactly like him and had glasses on. I think one of them even had a moustache, so... :D I'd take that with a grain of salt. (He also had a lot of pets, from ducks to bears and bunnies. I blame Tumblr for these dreams. My subconscious is obviously cluttered with cute animal images and James images, all mixed together.)

I'll stop talking about his family before I sound stalkerish, but just a note - if I saw something on Facebook, I wouldn't share it or discuss it here. I haven't seen anything really personal though. Except for the moustachioed sons and pet ducks. They were glorious.

"Are you supposed to like gaius baltar?" I think so. I mean, it's the weakness, the humanity in all of us, and he does have empathy and guilt. He's not irredeemable. But every viewer has his or her own reading, of course, so I can't put a gun against anyone's head. I do get a bit annoyed when people post something like "I hate that Gaius Baltar", to be honest. I've pretty much stopped doing twitter searches for the character, because I can't convert them all.

"James Callison tractor supplies". LOL!!! I've come up with this a few times on a James search, and it's hilarious that someone found my blog with that search. Oh dear, now that I mentioned it, this will come up in that search. Oh whatever.

"does james callis have straight or wavy hair?" Hmmm. When he has short hair, it seems less wavy, but it's still not completely straight. I'd say it's not curly or anything, but it's quite luscious. Like a lion's mane. A viril lion's. I'm changing topics now.

"James Callis penis". Let's just not even go there, okay?

"James Callis height weight". 5'8'' / 173 cm. If you want more detailed analysis, look at other sites. It's one thing I, for some reason, don't care about at all. (Maybe because I'm 5'2'').Weight, hmmm. It's actually not anywhere online. Maybe he's sensitive about it, or maybe it varies so much he hasn't bothered to give it. Or maybe no one ever asked him. Not that the number really matters, when you can just look at the luscious rounded... ok, changing topics again.

"why didnt they just ask kevin on eureka" - if you mean the timeline change, I guess he was a different Kevin? Like the autistic Kevin sent them back in time but the "regular teenager" Kevin wouldn't know about it.

"baltarstar blog"+"strawberry - ??? Weird, this is one of MY searches. (I sometimes look for specific quotes for the tumblr or something. But strawberry..?) It's really odd that I can't remember.

"Do suspenders go under the vest". Well, judging by Trevor Grant, they do. :D Or at least they did in the forties. Mind you, take that with a grain of salt, it's not Queer Eye for the Straight Guy '47 or anything.

"james callis chest hair" - as far as I know, it's real and it's spectacular. Is this a really horny post? I try to write non-horny posts too. I can totally look at James with an academic, objective eye without eroticizing him. (I think.) (don't ask me to prove that.)

On the other hand, I get a whole lot of "james callis sexy", "james callis shirtless", etc. searches. A lot. So I think all of our minds are in that same gutter.

James Callis birthday. It's June 4th, 1971. See, one query where I could actually be helpful and not get all horny. (Mmm, sexy numbers. No, I'm just kidding.)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

James Callis in America

EDIT: ah, they already have it on Youtube? Embedded.

Edward James Olmos' film America, starring his wife Lymari Nadal, has a website now at

If you're interested in the film: watch the trailer. It seems interesting, I'll probably watch this. Someone was complaining on Twitter about the overpowering soundtrack, and I can already tell by the site and trailer that it has that. I'm interested in the premise though. Based on the trailer, it could go a little too much in the "violent husband is evil" direction, although I'm not sure how sympathetic you can make a beating husband. What I like is that the protagonist, America, is trying to change her life. 

If you're only interested in James Callis: skip the trailer and go straight to the selected scenes for him. (Edit: it's the same as the above embedded video.) There's a brief interview with behind-the-scenes shots, where you can see him talking to the cast. (And laughing and being adorable <3.) He plays Mr Charlie Leverett - another Charles? -, who he says is a computer nerd who likes comics, and he's the opposite of America's violent husband. Also, you can see him at the piano a little, so I'm hoping he's going to be playing some music in the film too. (In fact, if he's playing the overpowering soundtrack, I forgive it.) He looks boyish, with spiky hair and kinda nerdy thick-rimmed black glasses. It's amusing that he went straight from this to Gabriel McDow, whose hair was very messy and bushy. I guess it's all in the styling. He's in two photos in the photo gallery: 5 and 42. I can't link directly because it's a flash site. 

Here's what James says about the movie (and this is why I'm interested in it too): 

"It's quite a feminist movie, if I can say that. Women have to stand up for themselves and... seize the power, seize control. And if you're in a relationship that is no good and you can't change it around, you actually have to get out of it and start fresh, start something new." 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

James Callis? Fuck Yeah!

Since there aren't enough James Callis sites out there - despite the fact that I talk about him all over the place - I have opened Fuck Yeah James Callis! the tumblr page. Basically, it's a simple and fast way to upload photos, or link to photos, or post quotes.

They say you haven't arrived before you have a fuck yeah tumblr. (Some truly famous - or truly hated - people even have a stfu hate tumblr.)

There are lots of beautiful images already tagged with James Callis, so I'm going to reblog some for now. I constantly have trouble with photo uploading here and on LJ, so it might prove a good place to do picspams. It's not really a blogging platform, so this blog is going nowhere.

It'll hopefully make a good resource for James photos. Peruse and enjoy!
Edit: I've enabled submitting, so if you have some nice James photos you'd like me to post, feel free to submit!