Thursday, February 17, 2011

James Callis in America

EDIT: ah, they already have it on Youtube? Embedded.

Edward James Olmos' film America, starring his wife Lymari Nadal, has a website now at

If you're interested in the film: watch the trailer. It seems interesting, I'll probably watch this. Someone was complaining on Twitter about the overpowering soundtrack, and I can already tell by the site and trailer that it has that. I'm interested in the premise though. Based on the trailer, it could go a little too much in the "violent husband is evil" direction, although I'm not sure how sympathetic you can make a beating husband. What I like is that the protagonist, America, is trying to change her life. 

If you're only interested in James Callis: skip the trailer and go straight to the selected scenes for him. (Edit: it's the same as the above embedded video.) There's a brief interview with behind-the-scenes shots, where you can see him talking to the cast. (And laughing and being adorable <3.) He plays Mr Charlie Leverett - another Charles? -, who he says is a computer nerd who likes comics, and he's the opposite of America's violent husband. Also, you can see him at the piano a little, so I'm hoping he's going to be playing some music in the film too. (In fact, if he's playing the overpowering soundtrack, I forgive it.) He looks boyish, with spiky hair and kinda nerdy thick-rimmed black glasses. It's amusing that he went straight from this to Gabriel McDow, whose hair was very messy and bushy. I guess it's all in the styling. He's in two photos in the photo gallery: 5 and 42. I can't link directly because it's a flash site. 

Here's what James says about the movie (and this is why I'm interested in it too): 

"It's quite a feminist movie, if I can say that. Women have to stand up for themselves and... seize the power, seize control. And if you're in a relationship that is no good and you can't change it around, you actually have to get out of it and start fresh, start something new." 

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