Thursday, December 16, 2010

James Makes Sexiest Men List!

Buddy TV's 100 Sexiest Men of 2010: James Callis is at 41! 

I know it's nothing like an acting award or review for something he's done. But. This list has a lot of men who are super toned and generally considered "hunks", and James seems to divide opinions in this matter. So I'm proud.

Maybe people are beginning to see his appeal, now that he plays more "pleasant" roles? Many people thought Baltar was gross and sleazy and a nymphomaniac, and that affected how they felt about James' looks. 

So let us drool proudly, because our man is finally being recognized for the hunk he is! 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

James Callis = Santa?

There have been suspicions that James Callis is in fact the same person as "Santa", or "Father Christmas". We have found a picture that seems to be evidence that he truly is...

This photo was taken by an innocent bystander at last year's FedCon Germany. Note the suspicious beard and hat on Mr Callis, and his attempt to not notice the lost reindeer. (Quite cold really, since the reindeer looks very anxious indeed!) Mr Callis left FedCon in a hurry, perhaps to watch over his elves better. He has been known to retreat to India from time to time, but we suspect the North Pole is closer to the truth...

This post is brought to you by It's Office Christmas Party Day And I'm So Drunk. And I may actually remove it tomorrow when I'm sober again. But until then, hahahahahahaaa. :)