Sunday, January 23, 2011

What Should James Do Next?

Haven't done these in a while, and since there are no news about James' real roles, it's a good timing for MY ideas.

TV. Thriller/comedy/detective show.
Agent A (Tricia Helfer) is sexy, flashy and bad-assy. She can whip the crooks into shape, or she can wear a sexy cape. Agent O (James Callis) is a klutz and silly putz. He has failed his agent exam five years in a row, every day he is going "D'Oh!" He's being trained by a reluctant Agent A, and together they get into trouble-bay. But fall in love they may... ;)

F****ED UP
Movie. Comedy/Sexism.
Nicky (James Callis) is just a Regular Guy (tm). He loves his beer. He loves his video games. He loves to watch the game, no matter what sport. He loves to hang out with his manchild buddies and make gay jokes. What he loves the most of all is casual sex. But what happens when a drunken sexcapade in Vegas turns into an unwanted marriage? And then the next morning, the chick (Katherine Heigl) refuses to get a divorce? Nicky is unwittingly thrown into matrimony and all of its expectations. So unfair!!! Written and directed by Judd Apatow.

Movie. Um... I have no idea.
Albert Alfraudschister (James Callis) has the same dream every night: everyone thinks he has died, and is surprised to see him alive. One day, he wakes up to find his obituary in the paper, and when he calls his parents, they cry out of relief. When a mysterious man appears who looks exactly like him and is dead, things begin to truly unravel. Who is Albert (James), and who did he used to be? Has a part of him died? He becomes unable to know reality from dreams. Then stuff happens that is too weird to even write about. The title is never explained. Written and directed by David Lynch.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gaius Baltar in "Carol Brown"

Awesome fan video by nicole_anell - Gaius Baltar and all his women, set to Carol Brown by Flight of the Conchords.

I don't have much to add to this, except - damn, I wanna hit that. Hard. I'm note even sure if I mean James or just the fragile body of Gaius frakking Baltar.

Also... There were many beautiful moments in Galactica, weren't there? As in genuinely sweet moments, and really sexy ones, and just visually awesome ones. Despite the fact that most of these relationships were frakked up in one way or another, seeing them in this way is just - beautiful. I love this show so, so much.

James Callis = Enthusiastic Rugby Player?

So I was browsing through James' Wikipedia entry, and for some reason had linked it to Toby as well. He asked me, "Wait, he plays rugby?" I was like wtf? But yes, it says so here:

In 1993 he graduated with a BA degree in English and Related Literature at the University of York, where he was a member of Derwent College for whom he was an enthusiastic rugby player.
???? This entry has been edited on October 15th, 2010. Up until then, there's been no mention of rugby anywhere.

This was Earth-shattering for me. Could James have an athletic past I had no idea of? My teeth clattered, my brain chattered. (It may have had to do with being drunk, in part, but come on.) Toby laughed his ass off. He couldn't believe I found it anything but hilarious - tiny James in such a tough contact sport, probably getting battered!

Upon further inspection, I found nothing on James and rugby. Other than this: ... wait, where is it now? It was a 2006 interview where he mentioned that his teachers taught rugby wonderfully but weren't as good with science. But this was school, not college, as far as I can tell. I'll um, link to it once I find it. This is all very confusing. Maybe I dreamt up that interview.

There are three options:
1. Random Wikipedia vandalism (like the time his entry read "Callis is Christ" instead of "Callis is Jewish")
2. One of his contemporaries decided to add this snippet of information, which he wants to keep secret (??)
3. He's been confused with Jamie Bamber, who did play rugby for his college.

If we get no clarification, I'm going to assume this is Wikipedia vandalism. Mind you, I could see James doing some sports. He's mentioned horseback riding, swimming, running; I can see him doing any of these. But rugby sounds incredibly rough for such a small guy. Until he was about 30, he was very skinny indeed. So could he have been an athlete? Hmm yes or no... All pictures I've seen of rugby players, they're super muscular. But maybe that's just professional rugby. I really have no idea.

Edit: Robyn informs me that rugby is more of a "gentleman's game" in the UK, rather than a big bloodbath. So it's feasible James would have played. The plot thickens!

I took the liberty of drawing my idea of how such a rugby match might end up. Note James' enthusiastic attitude on the game. (I didn't go to much detail here, but you get the idea.)

(umm, just to clarify, the muscular guys are NOT naked. I just didn't bother to color them much.) 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New Photo!

I was randombly browsing imdb last night and somehow ended up in James' profile once again. That's when I noticed there's a new picture! It's from Edward James Olmos's film America, which they shot last year in Puerto Rico. James mentioned this in the interview. He's not in a large role, and it seems he's as of yet uncredited, but there IS a picture! James Callis as Mr Leverett. He looks really hot and boyish and is doing the sad puppy eyes. Also: glasses! So maybe it's a brainiac/teacher role or something. <3 I'm not sure if the film is coming to theatres, but if it is, I'm definitely there.

So um, that's all the news I have, but since there haven't been many news lately, I thought people might appreciate it. Now I might as well blather a bit about his imdb page, while I'm at it. I really like the photos, the main one in particular. Lovely head shot. It's especially nice to see his hair and chest hair in such a large image, like you could dip your face into his hair... mm hmm. I'm glad there are quite a few Gabriel photos. It's also nice that his children's full names and ages are there. It's a bit odd, though, how few facts there are. I wonder if it's possible to add some. Hmm. Of course, now that I need to think of good facts, I can't really come up with much. Something about the unlucky theatre tour that inspired Beginner's Luck? "Likes to quote Shakespeare"? It would be nice to have some memorable quotes up there too. Anybody got suggestions for beefing up the page? We should work on his Wikipedia article too.

17 people have apparently seen the elusive Reuniting the Rubins and have given it the average grade of 6.7. Quite a few tens and ones, so maybe the film divides opinions. I'm very curious.

The conversation at the imdb "messageboard" is terribly lowbrow. "SHORT GUY", "he looks like Dr Bashir", etc. Sigh. OK, I won't spam the board, I don't have to dominate the James Callis conversation online. Serenity now! (The SHORT GUY thread is rather amusing though. I'd be all snarky and mean about it, but that wouldn't be James-worthy. Still, bwah!)

One last non-James-related note: I hate how the new imdb lists things for me in Finnish. If it's been aired here with a Finnish title, it only shows that title. I.e.:

"Ester - Persian kuningatar
Haman, the Agagite

2004 Dead Cool

2004 Bridget Jones: Elämä jatkuu

2003 Blue Dove - sirpaleinen tarina (TV mini-series)
Dominic Pasco

2003 Taisteluplaneetta Galactica (TV mini-series)
Gaius Baltar
– Episode #1.2 (2003) … Gaius Baltar"

So One Night With the King is called "Esther, the Queen of Persia". Wow. From king to queen! Bridget Jones' Diary 2 is "Bridget Jones: Life Goes on". Meh, but OK. I like it more than the inane German title "Bridget Jones: Chocolate for Breakfast". My least favorite is "Blue Dove - a Shattered Story". I hate double titles like that. Sorry, this was just to give you an idea of my hell when I browse imdb.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to Baltarstar...

I've decided to go back to the original title. I may keep this stylish design though - Baltar loves stylish suits, and he'd like to see his blog done in good style. Also, I apparently can't navigate Blogger's new template options. So um, I'll get back to you on that but don't you love those birds?

When I started this blog, I intended to make it about James/Baltar, pretty much 50/50. After BSG ended, I've realized I'm just going to be writing about whatever role James is currently doing, and James in general. I'm still a big Baltar fan, but since I'm not watching BSG episodes constantly, he fades into the background and James comes into focus in a ripe, delicious... I mean, um, admirable way. I could rename the blog James Callis something, but I'd have to change the url and move it to another location. Plus then I'd be confused with James Callis First Unofficial Website and All Things James Callis.

Baltarstar is a word he coined himself; it sets a silly tone, which is fitting. It doesn't suggest "OMG official James Callis website get your facts here". It's more like "A crazy fan writes about her personal oddities", which is closer to what the blog actually is. As long as Baltar is James' biggest and most varied role, I am keeping the Baltarstar Blog. If and when he gets a main role as something else, I'll reconsider.

The picture in the right margin is apparently either ENORMOUS so that you can't see it at all, or TINY so that, well, you can't see it much anyway. But I'll keep a picture of Baltar there for now.

So let's celebrate our favorite arrogant, alcoholic, nymphomaniac, cowardly.... angel / scientist / farmer /cult leader. He may not always be admirable, but he's at least MANY things!