Tuesday, May 26, 2009

James Callis on Numb3rs, Part 4


OK, I just saw Numb3rs with James. Wow. Just... wow.

He looks, talks and acts nothing like James at all. It's nothing like Gaius Baltar, nothing like Guy Curran, nothing like Tom, nothing like Mark Feinman. It's another person.

I was worried the character would be really black and white, someone you're meant to hate. Maybe it is, but somehow I felt he brought depth into the role. It's just the one episode, so there was no real time to build up his backstory, and a lot of it is done by others talking about him - "IQ of 155, educated himself in prison", etc. But the way he himself talks and acts is somehow... three-dimensional. I wanted to learn more about Mason Duryea. I can't say I liked him or even felt for him, but there's something fascinating about his madness. And he is very, very creepy.

Off character, I've never seen James be anything but kind and warm; he's cheerful most of the time, and you can usually hear the laughter in his voice even when he's not joking (tho he mostly is). Where does he get this darkness? How does he go into a character like this? I think this was the first time I was disgusted to see James kiss a beautiful woman! I felt like slapping him and spitting in his face too. It's a new experience. Yet, when they shot at him, I immediately went into "Don't you shoot MY JAMES" mode. In some scenes, I think his eyes look sensitive and tortured; I'm not sure if that's James showing through or a part of Duryea. It's so weird to see him like this.

The accent: It's nothing at all like his regular American accent; it's Oklahoma, and I don't have a lot of knowledge of that area, so I can't really judge it. It felt fake at first, but as I watched the character unfold, I kinda forgot all about it and just believed it was real. I think that's a really good sign.

The look: He looks horrid in the prison scenes, but actually not all that bad in the scenes with the tribe. He's such a hideous character that it's hard to find him appealing here, though. Some fans are wild about the wild man look, but I guess I like my James a little more groomed and, well, sane. :D His cheek hollows look more pronounced; I wonder if he lost a few pounds just to look more psycho and tortured.

I do like Numb3rs. It's a cop show, and I generally don't like those. I don't think I've ever sat through a whole episode of CSI, for instance. But this show introduces all these mathematical and computer science things that make it a bit more interesting. The cops act a bit too macho; it's a bit dramatic, a bit overdone, a bit too easy - would they really figure it all out so fast? - but it's still good TV, and it was enjoyable to watch. I'm happy and proud that James got to do an episode of this.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Merlin and the Book of Beasts Trailer!

For all the readers searching for Merlin and the Book of Beasts, here be the trailer! Thanks to writer Brook Durham for sending me the link. The movie airs on May 30th (next Sunday) on the Sci Fi channel (at 9/8 PM).

Edit: OK, I've tried editing this post several times but I'm hopeless with the embedding codes. Hope this edit won't wipe out the video. So - seen the trailer, and like James said, it does seem to be mostly for kids. Looks like there'll be a lot of CGI. The basic plot of the movie sounded quite dark and interesting (see older post if you haven't yet), but it's hard to tell from this clip how it's handled. I'm very curious to hear some reviews when it airs.

Gush and pride for "Battlestar Galactica's James Callis". He's an established name now! I must admit he's handsome in his Merlin garb/beard/hair extensions, even if I'm not always a fan of BeardJames. He seems to be doing a gruffy Eddie-type voice, and I hear he's doing a Welsh accent for this film, which is interesting.

There's also another trailer on imdb, which Brook Durham brought to my attention, but it's unfortunately geo-coded, so I can't view it. The link is here for the US fans. Edit: Apparently it can be viewed from Germany, so... weird. My browser tells me it's not available in my country, so I don't know if this is just a local thing, or if you need certain software to play imdb videos. Test it to see if you can view it - it's apparently a bit longer than the embedded video.

I probably won't see this movie, but I'll keep an eye out for any reviews or recaps, and will post about them here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Numb3rs, Fan Fiction, And Donuts


I'm going to see the Numb3rs episode next week, so I'll be blogging about it then. See kixxa's beautiful photos of the...well, I can't say beautiful but certainly fascinating Mason Duryea. He looks NOTHING like James at all, just... haggard and crazy and weird. I hear James is doing an Oklahoma accent on the show. This should be interesting!

Another interview with James about the role!

TVGuide.com: Have you ever been this hirsute?
Callis: I think I have been hairier, possibly, in a few other gigs. But half of that was mine and half was borrowed. I bet you could tell which half was which! [The producers and I] were of the same mindset that I wanted to be as disguised as possible. The wig we used for when I was in prison, we called the "Jim Morrison look."

So that's this. This has got to be the scariest and least recognizable James picture ever! They really did a good job of masking him.

Heh heh, "hirsute". Too bad he doesn't go deeper into the hirsutism issues, like his chest hair.

You'd be frightened as f—k if this guy sat down to dinner with you, because he's a time bomb. You don't know when he's going to go off.

I'm frightened just seeing him. Strangely, I had another nightmare about Beginner's Luck, where Alex tried to steal my mobile phone. I'm blaming Duryea, although it might be that seeing BL was just such a traumatic event.

A little pointer to people searching for the episode: Gaius Baltar did not appear on Numb3rs. James Callis does not equal Gaius Baltar. And Duryea is a lunatic who kills people, and Gaius isn't. Yes, they both have a harem; they both pose as religious cult leaders; but that doesn't mean they're exactly the same OMG James Callis has been typecast. There is a difference. Seriously.

A bit about the final scene (edit: of BSG, not Numb3rs):

...at the time I wasn't totally sure what that scene meant. A lot of people actually thought we shot it in New York. I was like, "Sadly, no."
Does he know what it means now? I'd love to hear his views on that scene.

Fan Fiction

Gaius Baltar is probably the most difficultBSG character to write about (and I'd argue that's even true of the show writers, since James had to constantly tell them he doesn't want Gaius to be evil). Some of the fan fiction has made him out to be a complete bad guy, which always annoys me. Here are links to two fics that depict Baltar as a more multi-faceted character.

BSG: The Simple Life by Wolfen Moondaughter (who made the awesome Gaius painting for MegaCon) is set a few years after the finale. It discusses some of my favorite themes: Baltar's guilt, redemption and starting over. As Hera faces danger, Gaius has to face death and his guilt eye to eye again. There's also a follow-up on Baltar's cult (still there, much to his dismay), Helo and Athena, as well as Lee and Kara, who didn't get much of a goodbye in the finale. Kara appears as an angel guiding Lee here, which is a nice touch. Baltar is depicted as an in-depth, complex character, growing to reconcile his past and the future on the new planet. And there's Caprica-Gaius love, which is always good.

Ask Me No Questions And I'll Tell You No Lies by kixxa is written from Aaron Doral's point of view. Set on New Caprica, the story features a brief but heated conversation between Doral and Baltar, exploring the morals and life philosophy of both characters. I'd never really thought of Doral's point of view (or even of him having one, as we usually see that model in groups rather than as individuals), so it's very interesting. Baltar shows courage, speaking his mind to the cylon who's in the position to make his life very difficult, or indeed end it.

It's interesting about the element of courage in both stories. Throughout most of the show, Baltar was a coward, but he certainly had moments of bravery and even heroism (especially in the very end). Both of these fics could be seen as backtalk to the negative image most BSG fans have of Baltar: he can be a hero when he sets his mind to it, and despite his negative qualities, he's not a bad man.

Donuts (yes, still. Shut up.)

Kixxa sent me a lovely present - The Flight of the Falcon by Daphne Du Maurier, read by James Callis. I really enjoy listening to his soft voice, and the story is very compelling so far. I might blog about it later (I still haven't written about any of his old projects other than BL, so I'll see when I get around to it - probably a James drought coming soon, so I can work on it then).

She also included a couple of old-style post cards. I've gotten a lot of donut-teasing jokes thrown at me lately, but this is the best one so far:

Heeee! :D :D
(I'm sorry about the low quality of photography. My webcam is at a breaking point, and it's very hard to aim.)

And I've finally found a picture that kinda-sorta shows it - on page 47 of a James Callis picture search, after such relevant items as Alexander Siddig and myself, there it was. Behold: the donut gut! It's pressing against Tricia, but it's there and it looks so soft. Just beautiful.

Here's my own attempt at fan fiction. *blush* I'm sure you'll all hate it and it's really inferior to the stuff I just linked to, but *blush* I'll just post some of it anyway *blush and giggles*

As the sweet, greasy pastry filled his mouth, James groaned to himself. He knew he shouldn't have another donut, especially since it was his tenth one that day, but the siren song of the frosting was too strong.

Even as the washed down the moist, soft goo with the pulsating nectar of life - sugary Coca-Cola -, he could feel the fat lodging drowsily onto his expanding waist. 'Oh well,' he thought. 'I get to do bed scenes with Tricia Helfer - life isn't so bad.' He gave his hirsute chest a ruffle and decided to go ask for an extra rehearsal. He didn't even notice how his hand reached for another luscious morsel of fat and carbs...

I'm thinking of expanding this into a 200+ page novel. If James doesn't allow the use of his name, I could always use a fake one - like Ames Phallus or something. Who's playing... Baius Galtar in... Cattlestar... well, I'll work that out later.

Friday, May 15, 2009

James Callis on Numb3rs, Part 3 / James on the Finale, Part 2

Long title again, but whatever - there's a new interview that covers both topics:
"Frakkin' Gaius Baltar talks to IGN".

Hey, [Saul Tigh voice] it's Gaius Frakkin' Baltar! Frakkin' civilians never get things right! [/Tigh voice]

Seriously though, IGN has done some great interviews in the past (see sidebar, "James Callis interviews"), and this one's no exception. I feel like I could quote the entire interview, but I hope I won't.

About Mason Duryea:
We bat these words around today like "psychotic" and "sociopath" - and maybe you could use them for this kind of person when you don't really know what he is. He's totally self-educated. He's read a lot of books in prison and he's definitely quite smart on some level.

I'm glad he mentions that the words are overused, because it bugged me that so many people used them for Gaius. I don't think he was really either, and I think these words have become a catch-all for any mentally deranged or narcissistic person. However, they might actually describe this particular character. I'm also glad that he mentions that Gaius is a "different kettle of fish" - is this a British phrase? Very cute.

Question: Has James ever played a character who was not smart? Could he even do that? I feel like there's so much wisdom in his eyes that he might not be very convincing as a dumb character. But maybe I'm wrong. It'd be interesting to see him try that.

You know, the thing that really got to me was this line where he says (In Duryea's voice) "Is a coyote insane because it eats your poodle?" I was like, Christ, that's a very frightening man.

I hope I'll be able to watch this episode, because I'm stil not quite over "You are my binary messenger". And I actually had a nightmare where I was watching Beginner's Luck, and there was this whole horror sequence added. They were in the cabin in Edinburgh, and Jason found a radio that said things like "You're going to die" in a really creepy voice, and it strikes me now that it must have been the Duryea voice.

James apparently used music to prepare for the role:

Actually at the time I was listening to David Gilmore's album On an Island. There was an instrumental track on there that just screamed to me…like the silence and the desolation of the plains.

Very interesting. I've heard of this method before with actors, but I didn't know James uses it too.

The Numb3rs episode airs tonight US time and tomorrow Europe/Australia time. I'll blog more about it later.

Then a bit more on Gaius Baltar's end. I'm glad they asked about this, because now that the finale has aired, he can freely talk about it. Obviously stop reading now if you haven't seen the finale and don't want to be spoiled.

Basically, James thought Baltar would die. He had mentioned that in many older interviews, so I'm not that surprised to hear this, but. It would have been so anticlimactic for us who love Baltar, I think, to see him just killed for everything he's done. I don't think he deserves to die. I think, like Caprica, that he redeemed himself in the end and became someone you can be proud of. But maybe it's true that that happened mainly within the finale itself.

So when I actually got to live through it, and had, as it were this realization, this sadness. This relief. The line "I know about farming" isn't exactly the most poetic line in the whole world, but it really did something.

That's what I felt too, watching it. Actually, my "worst case scenario" for the finale was that Gaius would enter the fight, die within five minutes, and never be spoken of again. I was SO relieved that he was in the final scenes.

I'm sorry IGN, but I will quote this whole quote, OK? Still talking about the farming line:

It really touched me. I've tried to explain at some conventions that it's like…this man feels so guilty and part of that guilt is shame. When you are so ashamed of who you've been and the things you've done. There's just no way you can make it up. It was crying for a lot of things. It opened something up. I think that's an amazing thing that Ron (Moore) has done. It allowed Baltar to make his peace and it really threw a curveball on the whole scene. This shouldn't be the man that you feel something for. But you do. It was brilliant.

Sniff. What can I add? It's a beautiful scene, it's a very defining moment for Gaius, and it's an acting triumph for James. It's touching to hear him talk about the scene like this. I'm still torn on some of the issues in the finale, but every time I think of the end of Gaius Baltar, I'm filled with this sense of catharsis and gratitude. That was so well done.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

James Callis on Numb3rs, Part 2

...OK, that's really creepy. I am going to have nightmares about James saying, "You are my binary messenger" in that creepy voice. He really does sound insane.

And... he kinda looks hot here. I'm not nearly as bugged by the wig as I was in the promo pictures. A couple of fans actually went wild over the "wild man" look, so opinions were divided on whether or not it's hot. I think I might end up drooling over Mason Duryea (not Druydea like I initially wrote - sorry about that). Either way, he creeps me out. A lot.

The episode is called Angels and Devils and it airs this Friday US time (and Saturday European time). Exciting! Kixxa has promised to make some spine-chilling screenshots of the show. Looking forward to that!

Edit: And there's a different clip here, but it doesn't work for me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Updates on the Rubins!

Some updates on Re-Uniting the Rubins! It's filming now for five more weeks, mostly in London.

There are pictures of James on set in this post - and the news that he's had the baby a few days ago! So exciting! I'm ready to squee and gush at the baby news, but I want to wait to see if James posts something himself first. (I'm already squeeing and gushing though, but only off the record.) He's looking gorgeous! And kind of strange in business attire. :D Don't think I've seen him like that before - the bluetooth in his ear is something new.

Views of Teamwak has some location pictures:

James' offices in the film

James' house in the film

Martin, who works as a location manager for the film, reports:

There has been some quality acting going on with James, Tim Spall, and Rhona Mitra all bouncing brilliantly off each other. Ad libs and all sorts going on :)
Awesome! You know, this film is beginning to sound really good.

Also, I never gave any thought to the work involved in parking the stars' trailers and all that stuff. Someone has to be there at 4:45 AM so that the shoot can begin at 7 AM.

And a little article here, which reveals a bit about the plot:

Lenny Rubin, played by Spall, is about to retire and take a cruise around the world when he is roped in to fulfilling his mother's last wish to heal the rift between her squabbling children who are made up of a megalomaniac businessman, an eco warrior, a rabbi and a Buddhist.

Judging by the Teamwak reports, James plays the businessman. His character's name is Danny Rubin.

I haven't, truth be told, liked even one of James' films (including Beginner's Luck), but I might actually like this one. It sounds like a good kind of indie (=original and more free for ad libs), but not the bad kind of indie (=way too little budget and skill from the makers). Eagerly awaiting more info!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

James Callis at FedCon Germany

Last updated on Monday, 18th May, at 10:20 PM Finnish time.
(Obviously check back for updates, but I'm tired of putting that in the title)

(click for larger size)

Latest updates:

Caprica-City has a paraphrase of James' Saturday panel up. If you know German, you can read it here. If not, here's a free translation of the key points. Thanks to Caprica-City for the detailed report and Artemis_Neith for translation help! (I've left out the things I already covered from earlier reports.)

-James was asked what happened with Baltar's harem. He had to admit he doesn't have any idea. He feels that Baltar always knew his religious talk was fake and never truly believed in it.

-What kind of person would be inspired by Baltar? James said that maybe he doesn't want to know, but possibly someone who wants to start their own religion. Hee!

-Asked about the height difference between him and Tricia, and also who was cast first: James said they were both cast at the same time, and the casting directors wanted to see which two actors had the best chemistry. He added that Six, while very feminine, also had masculine qualities, while Baltar embodied some feminine qualities. (True, and something fans have often pointed out. It's quite brave of James to play a character that's sort of androgynous. I know some fans find Baltar annoying precisely because he's "not manly enough", while some others like myself find him all the more compelling and sexy because of that.)

-Whole scenes were never improvised during filming, but there were added bits. For instance, the scene in season three (Taking a Break From All Your Worries) where Gaeta attacks Baltar was changed. Alessandro Juliani wasn't happy with just attacking him for no apparent reason, so he came up with the idea of Baltar whispering something into his ear. (Very interesting, and not the first time I've heard of AJ adding to the role - the homoerotic vibes were his idea too. I wish we'd seen more of Gaeta throughout the show.)

-For a long time, James had no idea who the final cylon would be. He had someone in mind, but was very surprised about who it was, and liked the choice. He was also happy it wasn't Baltar. (I wonder who he had in mind then?)

-Asked about the naked scenes on the baseship... I'm not sure what this answer is supposed to mean, and Artemis_Neith wasn't sure either, so it's not just my German. He apparently said there was a lot of green screen, and when people had to be added later, they put a microphone stand with a tennis ball on top there, so it was better than that at any rate. (????)

-Someone asked if he wishes he had played Baltar differently in some scenes. James said that's not the case; he always wanted to make Baltar as three-dimensional and human as possible.

-Is Baltar evil? James feels that things simply happen to Baltar, who, while not moral, is not evil. Asked about the scene where Lee tells him he's never done anything unselfish, James says the scene was originally shot with Head Six there, so it might seem like Gaius is shaking his head etc., but it's not at Lee. ARGH WHY IS HEAD SIX ALWAYS REMOVED?! It ruins the rhythm of the scene!! Grr I'm angry. Um, sorry. Back to James, he said Baltar doesn't need Lee to tell him who he is, and that some of his acts weren't completely egoistical. (I'm so glad he mentioned that.)

-He was also asked about the project he had to leave for, but unfortunately couldn't reveal more than that it's a comedy about a family. (Aww, too bad. I'm very curious about the project, but we'll just have to wait and see!)

Sunday updates:

Aha - found an explanation for the "in bed with the cylons" magazine cover behind James in the panel pictures! Apparently this guy had made those covers, and James really liked his!

Nonetheless, he's the one responsible for the title of this post - he seemed really impressed by my work (resulting in his words on his signature - I never got a thank you on one of those before ;) ). "I will take that home with me, that's some great work - thank you very much!" PRIDE! :)

:) That's great! James is an appreciative guy! *gush* I was a bit confused about that cover, because it says "James Callis" at the bottom, so I was wondering if James himself wrote it - it does seem like that kind of humor. It's got that Baltar flavor, somehow. Great work!

And a couple more photos at flickr! The Q&A:
A dizzy view, a sly look, the suit looks white again, dammit, and can't think of what to call this one, it's just a very James smile.

Plus a cute jamming picture from the opening. Hee!

Thursday update:

Pedda of Caprica-City has posted photo galleries, including one of James' Q&A! He looks adorable! :) He's pretty thin right now, but you can tell in some of the pictures that he has a tiny belly, and it's driving me insane. Soft and juicy!

Wednesday updates:

A forum thread with lots of photo op pictures of James (see all pages). He's looking very cute but kinda tired - just like in the Starfury photo op pictures. Maybe the con days are very tiring for the stars, meeting so many people. And to be quite honest, the boy next door shirt and the coat together - not a particularly good combination. Typical James! :D

And yes, he doesn't seem to mind hugging perfect strangers, and yes, I did imagine myself there, once again. *fantasy cuddle*!

Tuesday update:

A picture gallery here with photos of James from the opening ceremony and the Q&A. I won't link individually to each of them, because there are quite many. A cute crazy-eyes look here though.
And I love when he rubs his feet (perhaps without noticing?) like this while talking. It's very boyish. (In one shot at the In the Moment gallery, link below, he actually touches the sole of his shoe, which is a bit gross, but also really cute.)

Sunday updates:

A gorgeous series of Q&A photos at In the Moment. It's clearly a professional photographer's site, and he's captured a lot of hilarious James expressions. Beautiful!

"I had a farm in Africa" actually wasn't James' own idea - I'm surprised, that sounds like a very James autograph:

Could you write down
"I had a farm in Africa"
for us?
At first he didn't seem to catch it,
but then he went"You know, it's a pretty funny joke"
Then he laughed, and I could have colapsed XDD
Hee! :D So cute.

A picture from the autograph session! Yay for Coke! I was wondering why there weren't any pictures with Coke bottles this time around. (Don't abandon our dark master, James!) I wonder what's in the bigger bottles. A good array of pens will come in handy when you're signing, too. OK, it's a really cute picture of James smiling too, but I tend to get distracted with this "objects related to James" fetish. In the bigger picture, there seems to be some chocolate... Edited: I'm not sure if that's chocolate now, maybe it's actually a... hard case of something... :P That's a real puzzle.
There's also a cell phone, earphones... (OK, I think I can just publish the post and continue obsessing to myself at this point.)

Two new photos from the Q&A's at Flickr! Here and here. One of these links refers to a piece of news that was not given by James himself. It seems like this shouldn't have gotten out yet, so I will not comment on it until we hear from James. I am very happy though, and anxiously waiting for the news.

I'm going to buy the BSG DVD from FedCon, but it sounds like it won't come out until sometime in October. So look forward to my Q&A transcripts then. The reports seem to be dwindling down; there will probably still be some updates to this post though.

Saturday updates:

Nicole (flyergrafix@web.de) has given me permission to use the beautiful James pictures above.
She also shared her meeting story:

Even though I was not an explicit Baltar Fan to begin with, James was such a nice guy, I think I'll rethink.
When I showed him the painting, he was speechless. "That's brilliant" he said... and such a beautiful smile! The autograph reads: Nicole - there is no black and white, just shades of grey. You've captured that beautifully. Lots of love to you, James Callis."
Awww! :) I'm always glad to hear when someone sees how nice James is and decides to like Baltar a little. And have I mentioned how much I love his personalized autographs?

A cute little story from Caprica-City:
James Callis hab ich vor dem Zigarettenautomaten an der Garderobe gesehen, der wusste leider nicht wie man so ein Ding bedient, ein anderer Besucher schon u ich konnte English. Sah fetzig aus in weiss aber Mönsch ...ist der klein!

Translation with some help from Artemis_Neith: "I saw James in front of the cigarette machine in the wardrobe. Unfortunately he didn't know how to use it, but another guest did, and I knew English. He looked handsome in white, but man - is he ever small!"

White? I thought the suit was beige, aagh! But seriously, it's very cute. Artemis_Neith wants to point out that German cigarette machines have specifically been made difficult to use, so that children wouldn't be able to buy cigarettes. Somehow the idea of James fumbling with a machine like that sounds very comical to me though. I wonder why he didn't bring more cigarettes with him (are there limitations for that, or did he end up smoking more than he was planning to? And did he buy Marlboro or some other brand? Why does this fascinate me so much?)? Questions abound.

Thursday updates:

Plus a picture from the opening ceremony from the same blog.

And a review of Saturday in German, with some details (but no photos) of the James panel:

Auf die Frage welche Rolle er außer seiner gerne gespielt hätte war die Antwort, dass er gerne die Sechs gespielt hätte, dann hätte er sich den ganzen Tag irgendwo eingeschlossen und mit sich selbst gespielt - hehe. Ein Fan fragte dann noch, wo denn Baltars Harem hinverschwunden sei plötzlich. Das wusste er auch nicht so genau, aber er meinte eventuell sei ja ein SpinnOff mit dem Titel “Baltars Lovecult” geplant.

He was asked which other roll he would have liked to play, and he answered that he would have liked to be Six, because then he could have played with himself the whole day. Hee :D

A fan asked where Baltar's cult disappeared so suddenly, and he said he doesn't know himself, but there will be a spin-off with the title Batlar's Lovecult. :D :D

A report in French about one of the Q&A's. Lots of beautiful pictures, and some fun details! I'll translate a few bits that I understood:

Hop, une petite question à propos de Bridget Jones et des hôtesses de l'air. Oui, James est toujours reconnu par les hôtesses de l'air pour son rôle dans le Journal de Bridget Jones. Alors il se demande si regarder le Journal de Bridget Jones, ce n'est pas une condition obligatoire pour devenir hôtesse de l'air.

James said he's always recognized by stewardesses from her role in Bridget Jones' Diary, and he wonders if seeing the film is an obligatory requirement for becoming a stewardess. Hee! He also mentioned having fun with the other actors who played Bridget's friends and Renee Zellweger who played Bridget. (And something about Renée that I didn't understand.)

James was very charming. (Well, of course! :D) He did his Aerilon accent for the audience. It was apparently inspired by a visit to Northern England, where he couldn't understand anything the people said. I always thought those accents were insanely hard to get, but I didn't know even British people felt the same way!

J'ai bien aimé sa réponse à la question d'une jeune fille qui lui demandait quels conseils il donnerait à des jeunes acteurs débutants... pour lui, on est tous plus ou moins acteurs, même dans la vie. Et il suffit de puiser dans les situations où on se met en scène pour y trouver la bonne recette. D'ailleurs, il imite une californienne avec ses stilettos et son mini-chien et c'est très drôle !

He imitated a Californian woman with her stiletto heels and little dog. Hee! :D I'm not sure why he did - I think it's in connection to a question about how to become an actor, and he said we're all actors in our lives. But my French fails me at that point.

Oh, and apparently the same writer just commented on this post that the suit is definitely beige. So now we know. :D

Wednesday updates:

There haven't been any transcripts or videos from the Q&A's, so I'll mention now that I'm planning on purchasing the FedCon BSG DVD and transcribing from there. (It might take a while though.) But if any readers have photos or stories they'd like to share, please leave a comment or email me.

I love his personalized autographs - "I had a farm in Africa"! And another photo op picture! He looks more animated in the Q&A photos, but there's something endearing about these fan photo ops. I'm glad he got to do at least one of them.

A collage with a picture of James here - looking kind of adorably tired. Long day signing? :)

More photos from the opening and discussion in French here. Now the suit looks grey. Oh, dear! I think some of the fans are saying that James isn't as stylish as he was in France, but he's adorable anyway. :D

The first photo op picture here - James is looking very intense! And wearing the coat over the boy next door shirt! And the coat looks sorta white again - maybe we should agree it's off white, or some such shade. It's very confusing!

And James signing here, with some text in French. I think it says he was irresistable with his samll t-shirt and his hair "dans tout les sens" - not sure what that last bit means.

And a picture from the Q&A here.

That's about all for today!

Tuesday updates:

Another picture from the opening.

And a report from the con with a mention of James and a picture of the stars signing autographs, here! Apparently they gave the actors something called "stroopwafels", so maybe that's what James has next to his coffee cup in that one picture. (I almost wrote "God" instead of "James". Ahem. Well, I have the flu, so that explains it, right?)

Thanks to Airings for uploading them and Nicole for the link, there are tons of pictures at this LJ! He looks gorgeous! Sounds like he talked again about the torture scene where EJO wanted him to wear the eye clips:

And then James did an impersonation of Eddie, going all "No. You've gotta do the pins. It doesn't make sense without the pins" and James said "..I don't want to go blind for Battlestar Galactica". BUT THE IMPERSONATION, YOU GUYS. I DIED.

He said he had to be in London at 7am the next morning to film a movie! That's some dedication right there.
Just as I thought - Rubins calls! I'm glad he got to do two days of the con anyway.

The shirt is totally adorable and he looks so cute and tiny and fluffy-haired! I know I've been obsessing over the donut gut thing lately (and still am), and I can't decide if I prefer him chubby or skinny. Either way, he's really adorable.

These pictures come from Caprica City, where unfortunately most photos are members only. The reports have been mostly of Sunday so far, but I will keep an eye on them and post some translations where applicable.

A picture from the opening night. It's odd how the suit that looks beige in other photos looks white in others. So what color was it really?

And here, an adorable picture from upclose, while James is signing. Chest hair! Arm hair! His hair upclose! And - is that candy he's got next to the coffee cup? You know, I'm becoming vaguely obsessed with that shirt. Boy next door shirt!

Monday updates:

A picture from the Q&A's! What say we on the shirt? It's amusing because it looks like the kind of shirt I've seen on so many guys. I'm used to seeing James in costume, I guess, so it's always odd when he's wearing text. :D

And a brief but amusing tweet:

Got literally overrun by James Callis at the Friday night party and wrote on my autograph the next day: lots of love, gotta run.
Heee! :D That's so James!

That's about it for now. James was at FedCon for Friday and Saturday, but not Sunday. At least one photo op was cancelled. Views of Teamwak reports that the shooting for Re-Uniting the Rubins started yesterday, so he probably wanted to get to London in time for that. There may not be as much stuff this time because of that.

Saturday updates:
The con is still going on, so there won't be a lot to report at this point, but there are a couple of photos at flickr.

James with Eddie, Hogan, Richard and Nichelle Nichols here.
...the microphone here.
...Mark, Richard and Michael here.
...Mark, Richard, Michael and Eddie here.
Richard in light, James in the shadow here.
James waving here.

The hair is still fluffy! I'm glad he keeps it like that, instead of the slick-back he sometimes does. And I love how small he looks inside that suit. Our little man!

More later. The reports will probably be mostly in German, so I will be providing English translations where necessary, and Artemis_Neith has offered to help in case of need.