Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Updates on the Rubins!

Some updates on Re-Uniting the Rubins! It's filming now for five more weeks, mostly in London.

There are pictures of James on set in this post - and the news that he's had the baby a few days ago! So exciting! I'm ready to squee and gush at the baby news, but I want to wait to see if James posts something himself first. (I'm already squeeing and gushing though, but only off the record.) He's looking gorgeous! And kind of strange in business attire. :D Don't think I've seen him like that before - the bluetooth in his ear is something new.

Views of Teamwak has some location pictures:

James' offices in the film

James' house in the film

Martin, who works as a location manager for the film, reports:

There has been some quality acting going on with James, Tim Spall, and Rhona Mitra all bouncing brilliantly off each other. Ad libs and all sorts going on :)
Awesome! You know, this film is beginning to sound really good.

Also, I never gave any thought to the work involved in parking the stars' trailers and all that stuff. Someone has to be there at 4:45 AM so that the shoot can begin at 7 AM.

And a little article here, which reveals a bit about the plot:

Lenny Rubin, played by Spall, is about to retire and take a cruise around the world when he is roped in to fulfilling his mother's last wish to heal the rift between her squabbling children who are made up of a megalomaniac businessman, an eco warrior, a rabbi and a Buddhist.

Judging by the Teamwak reports, James plays the businessman. His character's name is Danny Rubin.

I haven't, truth be told, liked even one of James' films (including Beginner's Luck), but I might actually like this one. It sounds like a good kind of indie (=original and more free for ad libs), but not the bad kind of indie (=way too little budget and skill from the makers). Eagerly awaiting more info!

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