Saturday, April 27, 2013

James Callis at Calgary Expo 2013: Watch This Space

Monday, May 6

OK, I'm really behind on the updates for this post, but my aunt died so there's been some commotion. Overall there haven't been as many updates as I'd expected, but you never know with cons.

I talked with Lisa, who tells me James is a "kind soul" and they had a great meeting. She tells me he was the one to talk about The Walking Dead: 

Oh and the walking dead thing.. lol he said he wanted to be on that show so bad.. actually said he wanted to die on that show.. he then told us that he doesnt even need to be shot or knifed .. just boom like i could die tripping over a chair.. which he then acted out in front Kristy and I.. we laughed are asses off.. hes priceless

TOO CUTE OMG! He's sooo cute and klutzy! Yipyipyip fangush! WD is one of my guilty pleasures, not that it's a bad show, just that it makes me SO SCARED and I've promised myself many times I'll quit watching it, and then I have to watch again. I would love for him to be on it. Love. HEY WALKING DEAD EXECUTIVES! JAMES CALLIS WANTS TO BE ON YOUR SHOW! JAMES CALLIS FROM BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! HE HAS A REALLY GOOD SOUTHERN ACCENT HE COULD USE! Ahem. I doubt the execs are googling their show but you NEVER KNOW.

These two lucky ladies were cosplaying as Patty and Selma. Hilarious!

James Callis: the guy never NOT smiles!!!! he was so happy with our cosplays and said ‘you really do brighten everyone’s day!’ and it was totally tongue in cheek, but i don’t care. also, since i had already hugged him at his auto table on friday i felt up to groping him a smidge for the op. he was just the sweetest! :D

Awwww and much jealousy once again ;)

Signing an autograph in the dapper white shirt. Downcast eyes and smile = very cute indeed! We have the usual coffee and water, but no Coke. Hmm. If he's given up Coke, I have to give it up, so I need to know this! (I'm just kidding, I will never give up Coke. Got some right here..) There's also a small mystery bottle of greenish liquid. Aftershave? (Well, it's not like he shaved..) Did someone bring him booze? Maybe the fans were being tiresome and he needed a swig here and there?

And.. is that really all? I may have missed something. If you know of more pictures and details, feel free to submit in the comments! Other than that, this post is probably done. I'll be moving onto news about CSI and Dreck (and maybe finally make the Arrow post).

Sunday, April 28 

Leather Jacket of... Handsome
(I'll try not to use the world "virility" because, like I said, it seems inappropriate, but really...)

I didn't update before, because I went to see Iron Man 3, enjoyed it. I doubt people sat around refreshing this blog, but just mentioning that I actually went out today. Wow.

Some new photos have been posted, and I see he's lost the "lumberjack" look from yesterday! Wearing a fancier shirt here. 

Fancy shirt, but with a red cap.

And: The leather jacket!! But - is that a new leather jacket? I don't think it's the same one. *cheks old photos* No, it's a new one with more pockets! Either way, it's glorious. (And he looks adorably tiny inside it.) The family with James is very cute indeed.

Wow, hot. It... sexy.. why.. yes.. guh.

A great closeup. I've suddenly realized his eyebrows are gray. Have they been gray before? Is this a new thing? It's confusing that I've never noticed this before. The Hair is in full lusciousness, but I can't really get behind the mustache. However, the luscious hair and mustache is a much cuter combo than the short hair and mustache IMO.

And posing with Lisa, who's talked to him on Twitter sometimes, so it's really cool to see them meet in person. And when I say "really cool", I mean "OMG I'm so jealous I'll never get to meet him and life is unfair". Ahem. Seriously, good for Lisa, and a very cute photo!

The con will end today, and we'll probably see the bulk of photo ops and reports a few days after. I'll keep you updated!

Saturday, April 27 

Update 2: I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK. 

So apparently at the panel, James was asked if he's dressed Canadian on purpose, and he said it's just how he likes to dress. Heee! I'm very amused by this, because I've commented on his flannel layers before at this blog (as well as the trucker look with flannel and a cap!). This time we have the red flannel shirt he also wore for Sundance, with a white undershirt, jeans and a red-and-white cap. And I do love him in flannel, but I was rather hoping for the leather jacket! If he wishes to lose the "Canadian man in the woods" image, he might want to shave that beard.

There are lots of photos up already, most notably from Shelby Borys, who has a gallery up at their Facebook! They posted many links but I'll just link once, press "previous" and "next" to see more. Many closeups, looks like James had fun! And so did the fans.

James Callis: Battle Star Gallactica's Dr. Gaius Baltar

  1. James Callis was great but tried to claim he wasn’t deliberately dressed in Rural Albertan.
  2. LMAO!!! James Callis is taking the piss out of David Icke , our resident "messiah" nutter from decades back!!!
  3. James Callis just asked if he dressed Canadian on purpose: "This is just how I dress"

  1. is so charming! I love that I actually got to ask him something!
  2. Hee. Wouldn't have expected Gaius Baltar (sp?) to be wearing jeans, cowboy boots, flannel plaid, & a Flames hat.

Awesome blossom! (Twitter is making this so much easier, all I have to do is copy/paste people's tweets apparently. But I still don't feel like my work is in vain, because Twitter Search updates so often that you easily miss things. Also, I have no idea why some icons show and others don't. It's not intended.) There has only been one update on Tumblr, all the rest is Twitter. It makes sense, actually - Twitter is the fastest thing to update on your phone.

Then there's this:

Hey dont forget, we must make this happen. On the next AMC's ... dies by tripping over a chair ;-)

LMAO! Was James perchance a bit klutzy? ;)

And this:

Just met at ! Such a lovely man - made my day! Thank you!

Awww. :) Sounds like a fun con! I wish I was there, and not sitting here doing my job. Thank Lords of Kobol for internet updates!

Update 1: Here we go! 

Another con, another con post! Yays all around! Frankly I'm not in the best mood, because my schedule was screwed up (well, why the passive voice, I screwed it up) and I have to work on a weekend. But what better way to spice up a work weekend than with happy James pictures and reports? Let's get cracking!

Disclaimer: There will be a panel today, with James ALONE, which is so rare and awesome that I really hope someone will take video. He's also doing photo ops and autographs though, so either way we're in for a treat. Before I forget, MASSIVE THANK YOUS to all con goers who take the time to put up pictures and mention details of how James was. It's not anyone's obligation to put up their pictures online, so I really appreciate that you did it. Also, if someone sees a link to their picture here and wishes for me to remove it, I will. Just let me know.

The first picture showed us James from the back. This photo is so James, I can't even. Look at him entertain those people! (Probably con organizers, because they're all wearing those key chains.) And the older lady who looks like "OMG I LOVE YOU JAMES". We're feeling you, lady. Also, is that his utterly sexy leather jacket on the chair?! I've missed that jacket. Instead of the red cap, we have a blue one this time. And a blue shirt to go with it. That shade looks great on James.

Many photos here at Kristy's Twitter. First I'd like to express some jealousy, because these look like photos they just took on their own, without a photo op situation. And also because they got to hug James. And.. *grumps* Okay, jealousy aside, great photos. Chest hair! But what's going on with his facial hair? And why does he look so hung over? Too much partying the night before perchance? ;) The little blue shirt is adorable. And James himself is pretty adorable. It's.. OK, I have to dial back on words like "cute" and "adorable" in this post, because I use them way too much.

How cute is this, "Nicest guy ever". (Beaming with pride that my guy is so nice, even if he is not mine and it's not my achievement.. Oh whatever, good feelings are good.) AND we have chest hair and - cleavage of sorts? :D Too cute! And the HAIR of it all. Oh my.

James also signed a BSG toaster!

This photo came out rather pixely indeed, but it does show us how luscious his hair is. I like him with short hair, but I LOVE the slightly longer, wavy look. It shows us the hair in its full bloom, a real mane of a virile lion. ...I have no idea why the word "virile" keeps coming up when I try to talk about his looks. It seems vaguely inappropriate.

And then there's this picture. Dr James House? He looks so much like Hugh Laurie here, and I'm loving it! Also look he's wearing the leather jacket eeee leather jacket. (I had no idea how much I liked it until he stopped wearing it for a while).

James is also still into names, I see!

& chat about my name & thought it was cool & distinguished. Thx, Mom & Dad (& Lena & James)!

That is too cute.

More coming, hopefully still today! :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

James Shakespeare?

After all these years of quoting Shakespeare, James is going to play the Bard himself! But not in an Elizabethan drama, but in a sketch show called Key&Peele. This looks like it's going to be hilarious. Look at these photos. OMG!

Peter Atencio ‏@Atencio17. huhtikuuta
Day 3 - Shakespeare (James Callis) and two of his biggest fans.

(OK that's an icon pic fail right there, but ignore it.) The.. chest hair of it all!!! The beard is a bit disturbing, but guh, hot. Also, the shirt and whatever wire thing that is? And those shoes And I just.. heeeeeeee. Awesome!

Here's a sample of Key&Peele's show, this sketch is about gay marriage being legalized. But not all gay couples want to marry.. More Key&Peele at ComedyCentral's channel.

"And we gonna have a little dog named Ruffalo, and the dog gonna have a cat named Myriad." LOL LOL LOL.

Looking forward to this!