Wednesday, March 16, 2011

James Callis on Twitter: Addendum.

I'm getting a lot of searches about this, so just to reiterate: James Callis IS on Twitter, his name is @jamescallis. It's not officially verified I but it's him. He announced it on his personal Facebook and the Unofficial James Callis website. That may be as official as you're going to get.

If it seems weird to you, it's just because JAMES CALLIS IS WEIRD*. He's not like Tricia Helfer; he won't tweet straightfoward observations about his day. He will quote song lyrics, say cryptic things that may be impossible to decipher, and tell goofy schoolboy jokes. Also, he abuses dashes, doesn't always type things right, and over-capitalizes. I dunno what's up with that, but it's adorable.

If you want a sample of his style, read his messages to fans from before. Totally consistent with what he writes on Twitter.

James is a laid back, casual guy. He can be funny and silly or heartfelt and shocked at tragic world events. He's fun to follow. Just don't expect a rock star.

* and I mean that in the very nicest possible way

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

James Hedges?

Ok, forget what I said about James Callis being a long-haired dachshung. He is clearly a HEDGEHOG. Look at the similarity there!

Other than that, awesome James + Jamie shots by Susan Gittins! I'll be lazy and just link to my tumblr, but by clicking each picture, you can get to the original source. James has been a bit fluey and I think you can tell in these photos that he's under the weather. But ever the champ, he's still standing and working. Can't really tell what the show will be like; "Public Necromancer" van is amusing though. :D

Oh, and there's also a Tricia/James/Jamie pic tweeted by Tricia! :) But since it's on my tumblr too, I won't link separately. Eeee! Yay for the hedgehog hairdo! Yay for the cheekbones! Yay for the slightly too tight coat and slightly too long pants! Yay for the scarf that looks bigger than James himself! :D

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ideas for 17th Precinct...

Confirmed actors:
Jeff - James Callis
Caolan - Jamie Bamber
Morgana - Tricia Helfer
Right on! So what could these three get up to? I have a few ideas... :D

(Ron Moore if you use these please be fair and pay me OK? xoxo D) 

Can't Buy Me Love
Jeff's ex-wife (played by Lucy Lawless) shows up in town all sexy and in a huff, demanding more child support. Jeff's conscience takes the visible shape of Morgana in a blonde wig. Meanwhile, Caolan keeps seeing a strange blonde lady too (played by Katee Sackhoff). His longing takes the physical form of binge drinking and he ends up chasing a pigeon with a broom for ages. No crimes are solved in this episode.

A Rose by Any Other Name 
Jeff decides that his name is completely boring and unfitting to his androgynous British charm. He goes and changes it to Sebastian D'Ubervilles. Susan, who has been bonding with Jeff because of their dull names, breaks up with him. Caolan notices changes in his wife's appetite, but can't figure out why. Will Jeff change his name back? In the actual plot, the town is swept by a wave of mysterious murders, and the murderer always leaves a rose on the crime scene. But when you sniff it, it smells like something quite different. Is it a real rose? Is the murderer a rose-inventing magician? Could this be more contrived? I'm no good with police plots.

I think I need to yank the horniness higher and it will improve my ideas.

A Chest Hair's Stroke Away 
When the Chest Hair Strangler (Callum Keith Rennie) terrorizes the town, Jeff develops a mysterious rash which doesn't allow for him to wear a shirt. Seeing his delicious chest hair and tummy all the time, Morgana realizes her horniness could be the very key to solving the case...

Sexual Liaisons
Caolan and Jeff get more than a little bi-curious, and one thing leads to another... In the police plot, some guy is murdered with a baseball bat up his oh who the hell cares, sex all around!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two New James Callis Pictures! Eeee!

I woke up to two pictures of James on Twitter, so it's a good day already. Eeee!

James with scoobykoo on set.
James alone, on set. Looking a bit like "Oh dear, are you taking another picture? Oh well ok then."

-Wait, what? Wasn't Jeff supposed to have long hair? O.o He has really short hair. Is he actually not playing Jeff? I saw from some sources that it was not confirmed he is Jeff, so... maybe we were wrong? Or maybe he wears a wig while filming? Mysterious.
-He seems to be wearing three coats on top of each other. Is it really that cold in Vancouver? Although James always wears layers, so it's hard to say. Poor cold-blooded boy. <3
-He doesn't look all skinny, and this makes me happy. (So I prefer the chub to the long hair, now? You learn new things about yourself every day.)

OK, now off to make lunch and wipe this stupid grin off my face. And get to work.
*grins stupidly all day*

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eine Kleine James Callis Character Name Rant.

I know this may interest no one but me, but it's my blog and I have the flu again and please pity me and I have to wait six months to see James on the new show so I'm just frakking posting this.

So in 17th Precinct, he's going to play a Jeff. My initial reaction was "Ugh, Jeff?" and I still don't feel like the name suits him. I'm not sure what it is about Jeff that bugs. Too macho? Too American? Too old for him? It just feels off. It feels downright offensively dull for him. I mean, James isn't the most exotic name in the world, but it's handsome and... Hmm. Maybe James is so common that there's no specific image, but Jeff gives me a very macho American image that totally doesn't fit James.

This got me thinking about names I could see him having. I also discussed this with M on Twitter, so the list is partially mine and partially made in cooperation with her. This is very important for his future projects, so I hope he's going to read and take heed.

My favorite character name so far: Gabriel McDow (FlashForward).
Beautiful, sounds poetic, not overly popular nor too weird. Gabriel is something that really fits James for some reason.
Runners-up: Gaius Baltar, Justin deVere Montague, Danny Rubin, Sebastian

My least favorite one so far: Mason Duryea (Numb3rs).
Sounds hard, strange, and deliberately unattractive.
Runners-up: Raoul, Aspyrtes, Clive Lanyard,  and of course, Jeff.

Then there's Pursuit Delange. It's a really bizarre name. But you know, it's so bizarre that it comes back to being kinda fitting in a comedy like that. So we'll let that one be.

Names I can see James having
(* = he's played a character by this name)
I think these have the feel of slightly effeminate and sensitive, yet masculine and strong guy. But this might be a matter of taste. I'd love to hear others' thoughts...

Alan /Allen
Alec, Alexander
Anthony (but not Tony)
Jonah / Jonas
Leonard (but not Lenny, just Leo)
Mark* / Marcus

On the fence about: Barry, Dominic, Jack, Randall/Randy, Rhys/Reese, Robert, Ross, Walter, William (Will would be ok but not Bill)

Names I cannot see him having
Bob (not sure about Robert. I guess it's a no to Robert and yes to Robin.)
Christian (bc he is Jewish; it would really fit him otherwise)

Larry (I guess that's a no to Lawrence too, although that might fit him better)

OMG I have to stop before I include all the names in the world. Is anyone still reading? Hello? Echo! Oh dear. Well, when the news comes in, they'll be back.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Great 17th Precinct Info Post. (James Callis-heavy)

Monday, April 11th

I just have to post this, because it's a VERY GOOD OMEN INDEED.

theaarondouglas: BTW. Spoke to James Callis, said 17th precinct was a great shoot & everything he hoped it would be. Check it out when it airs, gonna be gold

I know James must have had high hopes for the show, after BSG. So hearing it's what HE hoped it would be, I have extremely high hopes myself now. Eeee!

Sunday, March 27th

Tricia Helfer just tweeted a photo from the wrap party!! Handsome alert! Chest hair alert! HELP! They are too pretty together!! Also, James' ears never cease to amuse and endear me. Very cute.

So that's a wrap then. I dunno how I can wait until September. I hope we get some teasers and stuff before it...

Oh, and I almost forgot to add this, the most adorable James/Jamie photo yet! They're trying to figure out a word in a crossword puzzle. Look at James' thinky brow!!!! Thanks to Craig A. for the photo.

Thursday, March 24th

And we have news on the name! Jeff was turned into John, so the final name is John Bosson. Awesome! It's a bit rhymey, but then so is James Callis. I don't know why I feel so strongly about this, but I just simply cannot see James as a Jeff, and I'm very happy they switched it to John. It's a slightly dull name, but it has no strong connotation with "American guy", and this helps me believe in the character. I like the last name Bosson a lot, too.

The shoots in Vancouver will end this week. After that, there are some screenings, and the shoots continue in May if NBC people like what they saw. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

A big article on the pilot script. This one is more positive-sounding than the taragel one. There are many spoilers, so I won't reveal everything. But it sounds very cool, and James has some powers of his own! Also this:

Caolon (pronounced ‘Kay-Lawn’) Longstreet, played by Bamber, is a blonde thirty-something copper who project a seriousness and deep focus. His partner Jeff Bosson, played by Callis, is a Brit; unlike Caolon he’s a bit more down-to-earth and not exactly fit.
Not exactly fit?! O.o Does that mean they will REFER TO THIS on the show? Because if they will, I have a feeling I will forgive many, many plot holes and suspend lots of belief. 

An article from YVR shoots, by Susan Gittins: 

I arrived to see detective partners Jamie Bamber and James Callis filming a scene exiting from their strange police car to investigate a crime scene in the alley. Between takes, the two ex-BSG castmates proved inseparable, giving each other playful shoves and taking breaks at the craft tent together. 

Playful shoves!!! Sounds so "dude" and amusing. Obviously they're great friends, and I'm sure this chemistry will show on their scenes too. Excellent.

Lots and lots of photos at zimbio! James and Jamie, James alone. Craig Anderl from the set has also been tweeting many photos. But how to link to them all at once? Oh I know, browse through my Tumblr. (The link is to the "17th Precinct" tag, so it should find all posts with that tag, no matter when you read this post.)

Oddly enough, James has SHORT hair. So much for that squee. But hey - he looks like a cute hedgehog! :D So not too shabby. He looks chubby to me, although not everyone agrees. But needless to say, I am happy! You can tell from the photos with James and Jamie that James is meant to be a slightly more down-to-earth character, someone who may be a bit of a maverick. I wonder if the coffee is part of the script, or if he just brought his own. He looks laid back though. This will be interesting. Although I will say that I'm sorry for Jamie if he has to play the straight man again while James gets to goof off/have more variety to his character.

Oh and look at this! I think he's actually picking up a donut!!!! I think, I  mean it could be a bagel or a muffin or something, but... *drools* He looks SO happy. :D My dream is to see him eat a donut some day, but this is really good too.

Meanwhile, James is obviously getting into character by listening to some Dire Straits, and was shocked over Japan. Many new tweets at his twitter. (And yes, it's really him.Craig said so.)

Tuesday, March 8th
The shooting started today!

Tricia has dyed her hair brown for the role, and the result can be seen here. Very classy! I was worried they might give her jet black hair, but this looks much better.

M and I were discussing the pilot scoop - found in taragel's post linked below - that "Jeff" is sleeping with his partner's wife, "Susan". So what will the character be like? Will this be another morally ambiguous character? Will he be remorseful or turned on by the secrecy, or both? Will we get James Callis love scenes again?!

We joked that, since everyone else on the show has more exciting names, Jeff and Susan might be bonding over their dull names.

Jeff: I feel somehow... inferior and dull next to "Caolan" and "Morgana".
Susan: Well, what about me? Susan.
Jeff: We have so much in common.
Susan: Let's make love!

Either way, not looking forward to all the "Oh he's a traitorous manwhore like Gaius!" comments on Twitter.

Saturday, March 5th. 
I'm going to start this now, even if we still know very little. I plan to put all the news on the show here until it airs, so that you don't have to weed through endless newsposts here. 

Facts known as of today: 
-created and produced by Ron D. Moore 
-shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
-the pilot will be directed by Michael Rymer 

James Callis' character is, a homicide detective. He's long-haired and British. 

Jamie Bamber plays a crime scene investigator who's very focused. 

Tricia Helfer plays Morgana, a necromancer, acting as a coroner. 

Other cast members include Stockard Channing and Matt Long. 

There's a review of the pilot here (taragel's LiveJournal). It sounds like the show is set in a sort of alternate universe where both the cops and the villains use magic. Ah! That sounds interesting. I thought it'd be more like regular people in our universe fighting evil magic. I love the idea of plants inside houses, and I think this might look really neat. Many of the aspects sound interesting. However, I'm a bit worried about the fact that it sounds so police-procedural and so little character development. Like taragel, I'm worried it's going to be a little cheesier than BSG and not as compelling. (The linked post was written before James and Tricia were announced, so it doesn't discuss how central their roles are. I'm hoping James' will be more central than Jamie's, since Jamie is apparently not very prominent in the pilot.) 

The show could really go either way for me. I could love it, or I could be kind of meh. I like supernatural elements in shows, but I don't love police procedurals. I've never been drawn to shows that operate on "crime of the week". I'd rather see characters and themes building up. That said, those two don't have to be mutually exclusive; I just don't want to see another CSI with magic thrown in. As for the magic being cheesy, I might still like it. I do enjoy Medium and The 4400, because I love the actors on those shows, their chemistry, and the characters they build little by little, even if the plot doesn't always compel me. I have a hard time believing that James, Jamie, and Tricia wouldn't bring something more into the roles than is on the page. 

I'm going to be cautiously optimistic about this. I trust RDM, Michael Rymer, James, Tricia and Jamie. (Not necessarily in that order.) And I promise, if I don't like it, this is not going to turn into "17P Hate Blog" where I rant each week about how much I hated the latest episode. (Note how I'm omitting the possibility that it won't be a series.) I want to support this project because these people are like... (family? No, way too cheesy for ppl you haven't met) (TV friends? Hmm) people I feel warmly about, without ever having met them. (Eh.) I hope I'll also get to squee though. 

James Callis + Tricia Helfer 4ever


(James' middle name is not actually Hieronymus.)
(That I know of.)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Most Exciting James Callis Casting News Since Forever!!!!

Ok, now I actually have news. No wonder James sounded so excited, because!


The show is called 17th Precinct, and it will be like "Harry Potter for adults", a cop show with supernatural stuff. James' character, Jeff, is a homicide detective, "slender, long dark hair, British accent"

The good:
-Ronald D. Moore!
-Michael Rymer!
-Jamie Bamber! How great that he gets to act with someone he is friends with, and has worked with before. That will definitely show in the performance.
-long hair!
-British accent!
-With RDM and MR, there will be lots of possibilities for ad libs. James will have real influence on his character here, unlike on, say, Eureka.
-This will give him great visibility and possibilities for future roles. 
-Cops like their donuts, so maybe he can do some character study... ;) (Toby had to remind me of this, I hadn't even thought of it! He tells me I'm going loose on the donut associations.) 

The bad:
-It's only a pilot, so it's still possible it won't make it into full series. But I mean, how could it not? Let's be optimistic. And gleeful. And incredibly hyper!!! EEEEE! 
-The premise sounds a little silly and could easily be dumb. But so did BSG, and RDM made it glorious. I hope this one will also be gritty, political, real, with multi-layered characters. I believe it will. Besides, I can handle a bit of suspension of disbelief. I watch The 4400 and Medium. 
-I have to continuously spell "precinct". I might actually go for 17P, so I don't have to expose myself to endless typos and frustration. (Hee, pee. OMG, grow up, self.)
-Jeff. Really? It doesn't fit him at all, and it doesn't sound remotely British. Blah. 
-Homicide detectives have to be pretty gruff sometimes. I hope James will get to be sensitive too and do the sad puppy eyes. I can't really imagine him as an overly-macho type. 


I dunno if I'm ever going to calm down now, this is my wish come true, James and Tricia on the same show again <3 <3 <3 and probably a quality show at that!!! I love them so much!!! JAMES AND TRICIA FOREVER!!!!!! *hyperventilates, faints, etc. etc.* I may say something calmer later but I'm not sure. I'm not sure I'll ever be calm again. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!

This is SO exciting! I read about this last night when I was just going to bed, and I wanted to wait until today when I can calmly write about it and say:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sorta-Kinda-News? Maybe???

James is being his usual tight-lipped self, tweeting something about opening windows and closing doors. (Which, if I can read him at all, means he's working on something big. But who knows?) Here's something interesting: someone who works for WB had spotted James at the lot a few days ago!

Julie_Gray: Holy FAN MOMENT: Just ran into and spoke with Gaius Baltar here on the Lot! James Callis - IMDb

Geez that sounds kinda promising, doesn't it?!!! At this point, I don't really care what it is - movie, tv show, reality tv, whatever. He needs to be seen by the big public again. I kinda love when he does British indies, because that's his roots and it's sweet that he wants to work at that still. But I really want to see him on my TV again. Or even - gasp - at the cinema. I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know of any developments I can find. Be prepared to wait another six months for any concrete news, though.

Meanwhile, America is premiering in San José, California on the 10th of March! If James is in LA, he might conceivably be at the premiere.

Also, for those googling "James Callis penis", just do a "James Callis" blogsearch and you'll run into this:

Just found are many new naked leaked videos & leaked photos captured of the young sportsman James Callis. James is currently a British actor. James has an incredibly massive penis shown in a selection of leaked pics! ...

Wow. "Incredibly massive", you say? That's great for him. But um, are we really talking about the same guy?  "Young sportsman"? He's not old, but as sportsmen go, wouldn't he be retired by now? And did he ever actually DO any sports? I'm not going to click on this link, because it reeks of "this link may harm your computer", but if anyone else is curios enough to test it, please let me know what you found.*Obligatory giggle at the mention of his penis.*

Edit: Yeah, apparently there's nothing about James on that site, other than a truncated biography. What a disappointment! Every time I open my heart! I'm beginning to think we will never see his incredibly massive penis. (Hee, hee.)