Tuesday, March 15, 2011

James Hedges?

Ok, forget what I said about James Callis being a long-haired dachshung. He is clearly a HEDGEHOG. Look at the similarity there!

Other than that, awesome James + Jamie shots by Susan Gittins! I'll be lazy and just link to my tumblr, but by clicking each picture, you can get to the original source. James has been a bit fluey and I think you can tell in these photos that he's under the weather. But ever the champ, he's still standing and working. Can't really tell what the show will be like; "Public Necromancer" van is amusing though. :D

Oh, and there's also a Tricia/James/Jamie pic tweeted by Tricia! :) But since it's on my tumblr too, I won't link separately. Eeee! Yay for the hedgehog hairdo! Yay for the cheekbones! Yay for the slightly too tight coat and slightly too long pants! Yay for the scarf that looks bigger than James himself! :D

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