Saturday, September 14, 2013

James Callis at Montréal Comic Con: Watch This Space.

Wednesday, September 18 

Sorry for the long gap! Life and work got in the way.

A group photo with fans. (The fan's dress reminds me of Starbuck's ball gown, which might not be a coincidence.) James looks casual, a bit tired, and tiny next to Tahmoh. Very cute.

Cute panel photos, very James. Rubbing his leg, wearing the CALIS FINEST shirt, and just being his adorable self. He manages to look so boyish still. Maybe he's a child at heart.

Friday dinner. And he's wearing a denim jacket with rolled-up sleeves. I know I've said many things about his outfits over the years, but I really like his new casual style. It's just down to earth and.. normal. It makes him look like a regular guy, and I like that.

Random shot of the autograph area, where James is smiling at his water bottle, or something. Hee!

Another random shot from further away. Is James dialing a number on his phone? Hard to say.

Sound on Sight did a little interview with James.

Callis: I don’t know if they fall in love with him (…) I don’t know why, exactly. The writing was very brilliant. He’s in these very strange situations, he’s quite human; he doesn’t have all the answers.

Of course we fall in love with Baltar! He's a loveable guy. It's just the people who don't get the show that hate him. Well, maybe that's not entirely fair, he's kind of detestable too. But he's definitely not all bad.

Also OMG:

I've seen T shirts - Gaius is my Homeboy -how about 1 that says...."I'm Gaius's lovechild!" sure the numbers run into the 1000's

:D :D :D :D :D That's sooooooo.... :D Someone needs to make this shirt!

There was a link with a lovely James and Tahmoh pic, but where is it now? I should always post the updates right away, or they get lost in the spam and general mentions of James on Google. Anyhoo, somewhere out there is a lovely picture of James and Tahmoh just talking, and they had misspelled "Penikett" on the note on the wall, and James had a glass of Coke I think?! Also a yellow cap. If someone finds that picture, link it to me plz. It was so cute.

Sunday, September 15 

Calis Finest. Heee! Adorable. And I try not to comment on his weight, but it does seem that when he takes the flannel off, it's like washing a cat - there's basically nothing underneath. I'm probably the only one who's disappointed by that. But very cute anyway. I think I like the goatee, it suits his benevolent face. He can muse into his beard and all that.

Gaius and the Sixes.  OMG, these are so good. He's really getting into it, posing like those season four posters.

The dapper outfit from Friday. Oddly, I can't find any pictures of Saturday's  panel.

A couple of flannel-clad photos, part 1 and part 2. See what I mean? That must be his favorite outfit, because he even has it on in the Twitter avatar.

Speaking of Twitter:

  1. Just walked by the photo op area, James Callis (Baltar) is SO SHORT!

    Kuva näytetään linkkinä
  2. how charming... thanks 4 sharing

:D :D :D
I think most people don't even consider that James might be on Twitter, reading what people say about him. Not that that's such a terrible bash, but still.

Thanks to all for the updates, more to come soon!

Saturday, September 14 

Well, it's that time again! Con time. An exciting time when people get to meet James, and us at home get a little glimpse of that through the Internet.  As usual, I will do the googling, so you can just sit back and read this post. This time the con is in Montréal, Canada. Which is apparently a bilingual city with both English- and French-speakers. If there are French-speaking reports, I'll do my best to translate them.

First photo - he has a goatee?! Wasn't he completely face-hairless just a few short weeks ago? I'm not sure if I'm ready for this jelly. It looks better than just a mustache for some reason, maybe because his mustache tends to be so very thick. But you know what a goatee might mean - this isn't James but his evil twin. Rames. The hair is short/shorn, and he's wearing a nice beige coat and jeans, looking very British Gentleman. Somehow this outfit reminds me of Starfury a few years back, when he was there with Jamie Bamber.

So far, so good: we have two clips from last night's Q&A! Thanks to Frederic Gingras. The panel was meant to be just James and Tahmoh Penikett, but Michael Hogan and Edward James Olmos showed up there as well. Which might mean James didn't get to talk all that much.

In this video, he doesn't talk, but he reaches into his pocket and takes out his glasses, and then he smiles at EJO like "Look, I'm wearing glasses like you!" And Eddie smiles and rubs his shoulder all father-like. TOO CUTE! NerdJames!

And in this one (embedded below). he does talk a bit. They're asked about the original series, and James says he was upset as a child when the pilots couldn't save everyone. "I kept on then thinking maybe there were more seats in the Viper." The audience laughs, and James tells them he's serious. Awww! I know I did that with every unhappy ending as a kid: I had to imagine a happy ending for it, otherwise it was just too depressing. I find it kind of touching that James was that sensitive as a kid too.

There's been another panel today, with the same people. (Katee, Tricia and Jamie all had to cancel this con, so it's the four.. musketeers.. stooges.. little pigs? No, it doesn't sound good.)  Not that many updates on that yet, but...

"What did you do to get the role?" - "I uh, had to sleep with a lot of people." FUCKING JAMES CALLIS

Heee. Silly Billy!

Then there's this. And, you know, to each her own but I wouldn't call someone a "douche" over wearing sunglasses. So... I had a good chuckle at this one, and I imagine James will too, when he reads it.