Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Farewell For Now.

I thought I'd make a little announcement, although I hate it when people announce things like this. They usually end up coming back, if it still means enough for them to make the announcement. But I feel like I should say that I'm taking an indefinite hiatus, and it might be final. I won't say goodbye. I'll say farewell for now, acknowledging that I might come back. (This way I won't feel like a total idiot if I make a new post in two months.)

Nothing specific happened to make me feel this way, fandoms just have a lifespan. I didn't wake up one morning disillusioned, there was no big disappointment. More like I woke up one morning as a fan of Welcome to Night Vale, and I fell for the main actor, and I can't keep two simultaneous fandoms going. It's a show and fandom that kind of eats you up. But it's also exactly my kind of thing, in a way that even BSG never was.  

Another thing is that James is not very visible right now. If his roles continue to be bit parts in shows like CSI, and indie movies I don't get to see, my fandom might not have enough fuel to keep burning. I really loved BSG, and Going Wrong and Sex and Chips and FlashForward. But after that, my excitement has waned - not for his acting, but for the kind of shows and roles he's been in. My dream is still that James gets a main role in a really intelligent drama - think something on HBO perhaps, in the style of In Treatment of the Sopranos. If that happens, I'll most likely be back. He's a brilliant actor, and he has that charisma that I find hard to resist. I just wish he got jobs where he can use that potential. 

This blog will stay up as an archive, as will the Fuck Yeah James Callis! (why didn't I name it Frak Yeah?). I won't make new original posts for now, unless something really major happens. (There's a post at FY! on James as Shakespeare in Key & Peele, in case you haven't seen it yet.) Once the Night Vale fandom mellows out a bit, and/or James gets a more prominent role in something I really love, I might come back. Obviously I'm not really going anywhere. You can reach me at deniselle dot swan at gmail dot com. I'm on Tumblr as deniselle, too. If you're into Night Vale, I've got a blog for the show and the actor

I've loved writing this blog and sharing James news and thoughts with you guys. This fandom has had less drama and more friends than any other I've been a part of (Night Vale included), 

Obviously that goes for you too James, if you happen to see this. You're a great actor, and I wish you a great career and a long happy life.