Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two New James Callis Pictures! Eeee!

I woke up to two pictures of James on Twitter, so it's a good day already. Eeee!

James with scoobykoo on set.
James alone, on set. Looking a bit like "Oh dear, are you taking another picture? Oh well ok then."

-Wait, what? Wasn't Jeff supposed to have long hair? O.o He has really short hair. Is he actually not playing Jeff? I saw from some sources that it was not confirmed he is Jeff, so... maybe we were wrong? Or maybe he wears a wig while filming? Mysterious.
-He seems to be wearing three coats on top of each other. Is it really that cold in Vancouver? Although James always wears layers, so it's hard to say. Poor cold-blooded boy. <3
-He doesn't look all skinny, and this makes me happy. (So I prefer the chub to the long hair, now? You learn new things about yourself every day.)

OK, now off to make lunch and wipe this stupid grin off my face. And get to work.
*grins stupidly all day*

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