Tuesday, April 23, 2013

James Shakespeare?

After all these years of quoting Shakespeare, James is going to play the Bard himself! But not in an Elizabethan drama, but in a sketch show called Key&Peele. This looks like it's going to be hilarious. Look at these photos. OMG!

Peter Atencio ‏@Atencio17. huhtikuuta
Day 3 - Shakespeare (James Callis) and two of his biggest fans.

(OK that's an icon pic fail right there, but ignore it.) The.. chest hair of it all!!! The beard is a bit disturbing, but guh, hot. Also, the shirt and whatever wire thing that is? And those shoes And I just.. heeeeeeee. Awesome!

Here's a sample of Key&Peele's show, this sketch is about gay marriage being legalized. But not all gay couples want to marry.. More Key&Peele at ComedyCentral's channel.

"And we gonna have a little dog named Ruffalo, and the dog gonna have a cat named Myriad." LOL LOL LOL.

Looking forward to this!

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