Wednesday, May 13, 2009

James Callis on Numb3rs, Part 2

...OK, that's really creepy. I am going to have nightmares about James saying, "You are my binary messenger" in that creepy voice. He really does sound insane.

And... he kinda looks hot here. I'm not nearly as bugged by the wig as I was in the promo pictures. A couple of fans actually went wild over the "wild man" look, so opinions were divided on whether or not it's hot. I think I might end up drooling over Mason Duryea (not Druydea like I initially wrote - sorry about that). Either way, he creeps me out. A lot.

The episode is called Angels and Devils and it airs this Friday US time (and Saturday European time). Exciting! Kixxa has promised to make some spine-chilling screenshots of the show. Looking forward to that!

Edit: And there's a different clip here, but it doesn't work for me.


Elina said...

How annoying those youtube videos can't shrink according to your blog frame. Rude of them.

The hair looks fake still... I never thought James could be scary, must be a leftover from Gaius.

Deniselle said...

Yes, and the widescreen aspect really matters in a video like this with gigantic frames...

I think they rather overdid it with the wig, but he doesn't look completely horrid to me anymore. We'll see how I feel once I see the episode... (I'm a little scared already...)