Monday, October 27, 2008

The First Pictures from "Merlin And the Book of Beasts"

SideStepTheQuestion of the James Callis Appreciation Thread has found some Merlin-related links, so I thought I'd be lazy and reproduce them here.

An interview with the director, Warren Sonoda. Nothing about James here, but you can find out about the film - sounds pretty dark, actually.

"They are letting me take the more frilly fable of Camelot and dirty it up," he explains. "I'm doing a Braveheart. The Round Table is destroyed and Camelot is in ruin and the Book of Beasts is very much a weapon of mass destruction wielded by an anarchist with loose morals. It is a bit darker and more cool."

Wow. And this time James is the braveheart, not the anarchist with loose morals. Should be interesting!

A brief introduction of the film with a picture of James. Merlin bears a striking resemblance to season 3 Gaius. I like the wand-or-whatever that he's holding, very cool.

Photo 1 and Photo 2 at Mike's Critters. I see James is not afraid of snakes - in fact, there's a look of chlidlike glee on his face: "Awesome! I'm holding a snake!" And he's gotten very dirty during the shooting. Warning: if you're scared of snakes, photo 2 might produce an "is it on me? I feel like it's on me!" reaction.

And, of course, the first picture of the movie at imdb, which, ironically, still doesn't even list the movie. A very handsome picture indeed.

All in all, looks like a cool project. I'll link to more stuff as it comes up.

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