Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A New Message From James!

James has posted a message at the First Unofficial Website forum! The forum sadly resists direct linking, but it's in a thread called "Magic", started by "Merlin". Hee.

I feel more excited over this than over the other messages, because this time around, I'm one of the lupines and I feel like James is talking to me too. Three messages in four months is quite frequent contact with the fans, and the warm tone suggests we're all good friends (I know James is good friends with the site admins, so maybe that has something to do with it).

And we have a title for his Merlin project - Merlin and the Book of Beasts! The shooting has wrapped up, so I hope imdb catches up and posts some info on it soon. Sounds like it was hard work, but still a great experience. As usual, he shows appreciation for the people he worked with:
we shot an epic 100+ page script in 15 days - with mostly (99%) one camera... let me tell you for those unfamiliar with the craft of making televisual entertainment - that is a huge, almost herculean undertaking.

everybody involved with this project - was outstandingly cool and committed and (so often overlooked) some of the friendliest - easiest and just plain down right good eggs with good vibes.
I have yet to see a cut - but have every confidence in the crew and my fabulous director Warren - to make all the ends meet and patch up anything in need of stitching together...
In other news, he's obviously done an Audi spot and feels gleeful about it:

arrived back in uk to do a spot for audi on their audi channel - got to drive this amazingly cool sports car up and down the motorway - What fun!

If you find the Audi spot somewhere, please comment and I'll link to it. I'd be intrigued to see it. Or maybe I should just keep an eye on TV shows - maybe it shows up in a Finnish commercial break somewhere!

I might or might not muster the courage to post a reply in the thread (which he might or might not read again), but just for the record, this post was the cause of much fan glee and made my day. So thank you, James. Much appreciated.

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