Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is There a Toaster in the House?

Disclaimer: this post has absolutely nothing to do with James Callis. We apologize for any inconvenience.

My girlfriend's an avid Sims player, and recently she added a familiar-looking servant to her game family. You can find the design here - a cylon centurion in all its glory. She's made some screenshots, and I thought it might be fun for other BSG lovers to see the centurion in a domestic role for a change. Since the look hasn't been changed at all, it looks pretty menacing, but the family doesn't seem to mind. The character is named Toaster.

The family in question includes grilled cheese sims, and the preparation of a cheesecake seems like a natural chore for their servant. There's something hilarious about a centurion being used for baking and serving a cake.

Apart from being a chef, Toaster also serves as the family's loyal babysitter. The claws don't seem like the most convenient tool for handling a small child, but the baby is obviously gleeful to be playing with him.


This may look like a painful struggle, but the baby is actually being tickled by Toaster.

Aww, all warm and snuggly.

The baby has a need to sing a nursery rhyme with Toaster.

And after a while, when Toaster is around children, the idea of adoption (pacifier+phone) appears in his mind...

Time will tell if Toaster gets an adoption going.

When he's having time off, he encounters the most annoying situation. Don't you just hate it when you're writing a diary entry about garden gnomes and someone walks in?

Is it Garden Gnome Gaius* he's writing about?

*=that's what my girlfriend calls the bearded season 3 Gaius. I must admit it's pretty fitting.

The picture of the person who walked in, with a cross over her head, appears in Toaster's mind as she walks in. Privacy please!

Another version of the same situation. Note the heart with hands on the table, which somehow makes this all the funnier or me.

I might post more of these screenshots later. It's just so amusing to see the centurion in such an, um, dignified role.

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Especially when the "Toaster" thinks about wanting to adopt a baby. So so cute. ALSO. Baltar = a garden gnome will never leave my head. Now whenever I see him, I will think: garden gnome! <3