Wednesday, January 19, 2011

James Callis = Enthusiastic Rugby Player?

So I was browsing through James' Wikipedia entry, and for some reason had linked it to Toby as well. He asked me, "Wait, he plays rugby?" I was like wtf? But yes, it says so here:

In 1993 he graduated with a BA degree in English and Related Literature at the University of York, where he was a member of Derwent College for whom he was an enthusiastic rugby player.
???? This entry has been edited on October 15th, 2010. Up until then, there's been no mention of rugby anywhere.

This was Earth-shattering for me. Could James have an athletic past I had no idea of? My teeth clattered, my brain chattered. (It may have had to do with being drunk, in part, but come on.) Toby laughed his ass off. He couldn't believe I found it anything but hilarious - tiny James in such a tough contact sport, probably getting battered!

Upon further inspection, I found nothing on James and rugby. Other than this: ... wait, where is it now? It was a 2006 interview where he mentioned that his teachers taught rugby wonderfully but weren't as good with science. But this was school, not college, as far as I can tell. I'll um, link to it once I find it. This is all very confusing. Maybe I dreamt up that interview.

There are three options:
1. Random Wikipedia vandalism (like the time his entry read "Callis is Christ" instead of "Callis is Jewish")
2. One of his contemporaries decided to add this snippet of information, which he wants to keep secret (??)
3. He's been confused with Jamie Bamber, who did play rugby for his college.

If we get no clarification, I'm going to assume this is Wikipedia vandalism. Mind you, I could see James doing some sports. He's mentioned horseback riding, swimming, running; I can see him doing any of these. But rugby sounds incredibly rough for such a small guy. Until he was about 30, he was very skinny indeed. So could he have been an athlete? Hmm yes or no... All pictures I've seen of rugby players, they're super muscular. But maybe that's just professional rugby. I really have no idea.

Edit: Robyn informs me that rugby is more of a "gentleman's game" in the UK, rather than a big bloodbath. So it's feasible James would have played. The plot thickens!

I took the liberty of drawing my idea of how such a rugby match might end up. Note James' enthusiastic attitude on the game. (I didn't go to much detail here, but you get the idea.)

(umm, just to clarify, the muscular guys are NOT naked. I just didn't bother to color them much.) 


Catherine said...

From what I've heard Rugby is a thugs game played by gentlemen while soccer is a gentlemen' game played by thugs.

Not sure whether I could see him play rugby especially if he wasn't as bulky as he is now. And he could get hurt, poor bb :)

Deniselle said...

Yeah, that's the idea I got - which is why it sounds amusing to hear he was "enthusiastic", like he enjoys getting battered. :D :D

You consider him bulky now?

Deniselle said...

For a reference point, this is the oldest pic of him I've seen, from 1997:

He looks, well, TINY.

Deniselle said...

Sorry, let's make the url tiny:

so it fits. So that was 4 years after his graduation. Could muscle disappear so fast..? Maybe I should look into muscle antrophy/regeneration but I'm not THAT fascinated with this.

Catherine said...

Well, bulkier. He's no Jamie Bamber but I prefer the way he looks to Jamie.

He does look tiny there. I'd fear for him playing rugby.

Deniselle said...

Yeah, he's filled out a bit at least. And yes, I prefer him too. To each her own, but too many muscles gets a bit... fabricated? to my liking. James' body seems more natural, comfortable, the way he likes to live.

Deniselle said...

Maybe that's an unfair thing to say tho. Maybe Jamie really enjoys being super fit and exercising a lot?

Catherine said...

It's possible he does. I normally don't mind muscles. But I always link personality with looks and James is such a sweetheart, I prefer him all round to Jamie. Not saying Jamie isn't a nice guy, but alskjdasljdas James is just adorable.

Deniselle said...

For some reason, I think James is adorable when he's skinny, chubby or anything in between. Maybe he'd be adorable as a really pumped muscular guy too?

Jamie's good looking, but for some reason he doesn't do it for me. I can see the attraction but I can't feel it. It's just a matter of taste, I guess.

Deniselle said...

And the personality. *drools... over... his personality? Is that possible? lol*

Catherine said...

Yeah I'm exactly the same way on Jamie. I know he's really good looking but I'm kinda meh about it. Give me James any day :D

Catherine said...

Lol. Yeah, I think it is. And it's definitely an amazing personality to drool over.

Nicole Anell said...

Literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD at that pic! I love how blissful wee James looks.

Deniselle said...

Heee, glad you liked it! :D

He is an enthusiast. Also, he's the only one who can fit into a shirt - the others are bulging their way out of their clothes, apparently!