Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New Photo!

I was randombly browsing imdb last night and somehow ended up in James' profile once again. That's when I noticed there's a new picture! It's from Edward James Olmos's film America, which they shot last year in Puerto Rico. James mentioned this in the interview. He's not in a large role, and it seems he's as of yet uncredited, but there IS a picture! James Callis as Mr Leverett. He looks really hot and boyish and is doing the sad puppy eyes. Also: glasses! So maybe it's a brainiac/teacher role or something. <3 I'm not sure if the film is coming to theatres, but if it is, I'm definitely there.

So um, that's all the news I have, but since there haven't been many news lately, I thought people might appreciate it. Now I might as well blather a bit about his imdb page, while I'm at it. I really like the photos, the main one in particular. Lovely head shot. It's especially nice to see his hair and chest hair in such a large image, like you could dip your face into his hair... mm hmm. I'm glad there are quite a few Gabriel photos. It's also nice that his children's full names and ages are there. It's a bit odd, though, how few facts there are. I wonder if it's possible to add some. Hmm. Of course, now that I need to think of good facts, I can't really come up with much. Something about the unlucky theatre tour that inspired Beginner's Luck? "Likes to quote Shakespeare"? It would be nice to have some memorable quotes up there too. Anybody got suggestions for beefing up the page? We should work on his Wikipedia article too.

17 people have apparently seen the elusive Reuniting the Rubins and have given it the average grade of 6.7. Quite a few tens and ones, so maybe the film divides opinions. I'm very curious.

The conversation at the imdb "messageboard" is terribly lowbrow. "SHORT GUY", "he looks like Dr Bashir", etc. Sigh. OK, I won't spam the board, I don't have to dominate the James Callis conversation online. Serenity now! (The SHORT GUY thread is rather amusing though. I'd be all snarky and mean about it, but that wouldn't be James-worthy. Still, bwah!)

One last non-James-related note: I hate how the new imdb lists things for me in Finnish. If it's been aired here with a Finnish title, it only shows that title. I.e.:

"Ester - Persian kuningatar
Haman, the Agagite

2004 Dead Cool

2004 Bridget Jones: Elämä jatkuu

2003 Blue Dove - sirpaleinen tarina (TV mini-series)
Dominic Pasco

2003 Taisteluplaneetta Galactica (TV mini-series)
Gaius Baltar
– Episode #1.2 (2003) … Gaius Baltar"

So One Night With the King is called "Esther, the Queen of Persia". Wow. From king to queen! Bridget Jones' Diary 2 is "Bridget Jones: Life Goes on". Meh, but OK. I like it more than the inane German title "Bridget Jones: Chocolate for Breakfast". My least favorite is "Blue Dove - a Shattered Story". I hate double titles like that. Sorry, this was just to give you an idea of my hell when I browse imdb.

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