Saturday, February 5, 2011

James Callis? Fuck Yeah!

Since there aren't enough James Callis sites out there - despite the fact that I talk about him all over the place - I have opened Fuck Yeah James Callis! the tumblr page. Basically, it's a simple and fast way to upload photos, or link to photos, or post quotes.

They say you haven't arrived before you have a fuck yeah tumblr. (Some truly famous - or truly hated - people even have a stfu hate tumblr.)

There are lots of beautiful images already tagged with James Callis, so I'm going to reblog some for now. I constantly have trouble with photo uploading here and on LJ, so it might prove a good place to do picspams. It's not really a blogging platform, so this blog is going nowhere.

It'll hopefully make a good resource for James photos. Peruse and enjoy!
Edit: I've enabled submitting, so if you have some nice James photos you'd like me to post, feel free to submit!

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