Saturday, August 2, 2008


Welcome to my blog on James Callis, Gaius Baltar and Battlestar Galactica - in that order. I very recently discovered Battlestar - in fact, I've watched the whole series so far in 1,5 months. I'm not usually a big sci fi fan, but this show has something new to it. There's a depth to the characters, the cylons are unusually interesting villains, and no one's purely good or evil. I especially found Gaius Baltar's intricate personality with all of its built up guilt, denial, and narcissism fascinating. The reference to Baltarstar Galactica is, of course, from James himself, but it's also sort of how I see BSG. Baltar and Six in all her incarnations are, to me, the heart of the show, and there are many interesting themes explored there that are somehow novel to me.

After becoming fascinated with the character, I became intrigued to find out more about James Callis. I thought he'd be at least a bit like Gaius - a bit pompous, a bit arrogant, not intensely likeable. But so far, everything I've found on him has been surprisingly positive. He seems like a very intelligent, warm and funny person. The complete opposite of Gaius, in other words (well, apart from the intellect). You can really tell he has given a lot of thought to the show and the psychology of Gaius Baltar. You could say that I became a fan of James because he's a fan of Gaius.

I haven't found any James Callis blogs in my searches, so I decided to start one. Most of the posts will probably revolve around Gaius Baltar and/or James Callis, but I do intend to write some general BSG stuff too. Nothing too deep, perhaps - I think there are enough Battlestar analysis sites, and I doubt I have much to add to that. At this time, I have no interest in writing episode recaps or posting any final cylon theories. (Laura Roslin! Laura Roslin! Please be Laura Roslin! Ahem.) I will, however, analyze Baltar and his complex characterization on the show (including Head Six and Head Baltar). If and when James appears in other interesting roles, I will be blogging about them too - which is why it's a James Callis blog first and a Baltar blog second.

I'm also interested in collecting any James or Baltar related links, so please submit yours in the comments section if you have or know about a site I'm not currently linking to.

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