Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dragon*Con Reports

I'm transcribing James' quotes from the BSG panels at Dragon*Con, but since there were apparently three panels that are coming on Youtube and other places in small clips, it might take me a few more days. In the meantime, a little post about fans meeting James at the con:

Firstly, a very lucky woman in a very nice Xena costume got to meet James three times, including once at the airport.

Dianora met James and his suspenders. And James without suspenders. And was cranky with Colonel Tigh.

James "smiles a lot when he's not macking on cylons".

James is like "a landed knight or a noble lord".

James was considerate with a child guest. (This particularly makes my heart melt.)

James thinks corporate people are shitarses. And he knows who the Bamber Bunnies are. (scroll down to the posts by Kittenbiscuits, LurkRealClose and ClosingTime).

James leapt over the table. But not very gracefully.

James looked awesome in the Friday panel.

Even at the Colonial Fleet party, he couldn't escape Head Six... (scroll down to see the photo of him with one of the Sixes. I can't decide if I like that one better, or the one where he's hugging EJO. Also check out all the other Sixes and Baltars!)

There are some similarities between the meeting stories, one being that James is smoking hot, the other that he puts people at ease and really seems to enjoy talking to them.

Thanks to everyone who's posted pictures and meeting stories on their sites/the Sci Fi forum; it brings me closer to the experience. I could never afford to go, as I live in Finland. It means a lot that the fans who went want to share their experiences online.

I'll update this post later if new stories and pictures come up.

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