Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Ramble

*pondering what to write... I want to write something... Hmmm... *

"Oh well, I'll just throw together a shoddy picspam/ramble like I always do... Who's going to judge me? It's MY blog."

Gaius Baltar says: "Nothing wrong with being a little naughty on Christmas!"

I'm going to my parents' house for Christmas, for - sigh - five days. I'll be back on the 27th but I will not have internet in my computer for that whole time. I'll only be able to check my crammy mobile net for emails and such. I'm not sure I understand the magnitude of this yet. This blog is my baby! I can't leave it for such a long time! *sniff* I hope it won't miss me and cry all night so the neighbors wake up or anything. Last year was so fun with all those joyfully random posts. I have to publish at least one such post before going.

So, 'tis the time of year we throw a rather loose-fitting Santa robe on James and hang colorful balls onto his ever-growing wafts of chest hair. I was actually going to make a very crude Paint picture with James as Santa, but Paint refused to cooperate, so it may be God's will that that pic never be made. So yee shall receive - random James/Tricia pictures with silly captions instead. Jamen.

HeadSix would like to wish you a funny and completely benevolent Christmas!

I didn't know last Christmas and I still don't know if James even celebrates Christmas. But that doesn't stop me from celebrating it, or incorporating it into my James-centric Jamus religion. I haven't yet figured out how we celebrate it in this cult; I guess going to your parents' house for way too many days and stuffing your face are acceptable, if not obligatory, ways. By next year, we might veer closer to an all-round orgy, but I think we'll keep the face-stuffing part. The festival needs a new name though. Like... Jamesivus? *checks last year's posts* Duh! Jamesmas! (Or Callismas?)

DonutJames heartily approves of indulging in food (AND sex) over Christmas!

WetJames reminds you to not keep your mouths dry over Christmas! (and if you don't drink, there are surely other body parts you can get wet instead. Ahem.) Photo by Dennys Ilic.

PuppyEyesJames is a little inexplicably sad over the holidays. He needs a cuddle.
Photo by Dennys Ilic.

A word cloud created at Wordle. It's got stuff like "giddy", "aunt" and "Nicole", so you can tell it's only counting the first page. But the funny thing is, I've done this many times, with different posts, and the same words are ALWAYS the most common. Gigantic JAMES, then a big LIKE. I suspect that if you did a cloud of my head, it'd be the same way - a giant JAMES in the middle there. But do I really say "like" that much? I hope it's not, like, annoying or anything.

Here's HatJames reminding you to keep warm on Christmas! (He only looks so distressed because he thinks someone's going out without a hat. Don't do that! You'll freeze to death!)

He's even willing to look like an alpaca to be safe! (screenshot by M.)

RudeJames thinks Christmasses are all the saaame. (if you don't get it, see this post.) Screenshot by M.

(L) (L) (L) Oh James...
Um, funny captions? Captions.. I... WTF EVER HE WROTE ME AN AUTOGRAPH, YOU GUYS!!
(I'm still not quite over this.) Photo by René Kissien.

I'll probably spend my time at the parents' house for writing a somewhat more sane and coherent New Year's post where I go over the past year a little. I'll try to not make it TOO much about my autograph and the donuts, but you know, don't expect miracles. I'm only human.

A very merry Christmas to all of my readers! Have fun, eat a lot, drink a lot if you're so inclined, and generally indulge shamelessly. It's only once a year!

And an especially warm greeting to James, if you're somewhere out there reading this. You bring joy to so many people around the world, I hope your life is filled with joy and love. All the best for you and your family in the year to come!


Elina said...

Omg lol these pics are golden!!! Ooh the one with Tricia in red and Gaius, so sexy together... and the alpaca hat!!! :D :D I can imagine you giggling when you wrote this...

Nicole Anell said...

LMAO, this post. The pictures. <3