Sunday, April 22, 2012

James Callis in Eureka: He'll Be Back!

So, Eureka has begun its fifth season, and James Callis will be on it! We don't know which episode(s), maybe just the finale. But it's coming! Dr. Grant will be back.

Here's a video with some cast and crew, including James (albeit briefly, at 2:35) talking about season five:

I'm glad. I'm not super excited, or "literally over the moon" (heee) like James said he is. I know Eureka and how the show operates; it's going to be fairly simplistic but fun. They probably won't touch upon any real issues of time travel or how a man from 1947 would really fare in today's society (dated gender roles? Homophobia? and so forth). But I'm going to put my analysis glasses aside and just enjoy the ride.

May I just point out what a total sweetheart James is to be all humble and grateful to be asked back? He's probably the biggest star of the show. He also looks curiously in between hairstyles and mustache/no mustache. And in the clip he says, "I prefer Dr Trent Rockwell". What?! O.o Well, I'm looking forward to seeing an explanation for that.

And Jaime Paglia praises James in this lengthy Q&A (if you're interested in Eureka, it's a must see. Includes Colin Ferguson. If you only want the scoop on J.C., this quote will do):

Yes, … James was great to work with. He’s –  one of the many unbelievably lovely people that we have been fortunate to have on our show and our guest cast, just a great human being as well as obviously a phenomenally talented actor. So I – we always had hope that we would – we were going to have a lot more of Trevor Grant in season six, so I think that you might keep your eyes open for him, maybe potentially showing up somewhere along the way in season five.

He's trying hard not to spoil it, but the video already gave it away. :P I'll keep my eyes open and report when he's on the show. All you have to do is look for complaints about his accent and you know he's back on. ;)

PS: I know this post is super late, but I actually have an almost full time job now. Sorry.

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