Monday, February 18, 2013

James Callis on Arrow: Trailer!

"Touch one hair on my head - and she loses hers." 

Wow. This might in fact be his creepiest character since "You're my binary messengeer.."  On the one hand, he seems like a real evil villain, but on the other hand: do NOT touch one hair in his head!The fangirls are very fond of those hairs. They're not worth killing for, but... (Hmm, or are they?) 

At first it looks like he's just sappily admiring art - but no, he's staring longingly at the pretty lady and thinking "That's a nice neck to wrap a bomb around!" 

I'm a bit confused, because I thought Dodger was supposed to be some kind of morally ambiguous character, who ends up teaming up with the Green Arrow in the comics. But what will happen here? (Also, I thought he was called "the Dodger" because he's so good at escaping, not because he "doesn't like to get his hands dirty", but OK.) 

So, "The Dodger" will be on this wednesday! We'll see what James gets up to.

OH! And in case I haven't remembered to gush about it here, Rekha Sharma, who played Tori on BSG, is also going to be in this episode! I hope they have scenes together, because it would be so much fun to see James and Rekha together again! 

PS. There is also facial hair. 

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