Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Austenland: The Trailer!

We have a trailer!!!!

I'm not sure what my first feeling is - excitement that this looks so entertaining, or disappointment that James isn't credited? I thought he was more well-known than JJ Feild or Bret McKenzie. On the other hand, we have three female actors credited, which is rare in a trailer, so I feel like being feministly excited too. It's complicated.

And why is James wearing an undershirt while Ricky Whittle is topless by the pool? (I do like that he's reading a book, though. Nice Jamesy touch.) We need more shirtless James!

There are quite a few short snippets of James, and it looks like he's going to be both the perfect-for-the-part gentleman and hilarious! Even the musctache doesn't bug me that much. Shannon Hale praised him on Twitter:

Fans of , I cannot crow enough about how witty and smart he is as an actor. You. Will. Die.

Well I hope I will live to go and see the movie another time if it's that funny!

I promise that if this hits the cinemas in Finland, I will see it, possibly more than once. If it's really entertaining and Jamesy, I will leave my feminist glasses home and just enjoy it. (I can't pinky swear though, those glsases are hard to take off.)

My enjoyment of the movie will probably depend on how much romance there is as opposed to comedy. The trailer has a couple of funny scenes, but nothing laugh out loud, which might be a good sign. They saved a lot of fun for the film itself, while giving viewers the light entertaining feel of the film. I was very pessimistic and like "ugh a romantic comedy" when I first heard of this, but I take that back. Let's say I'm carefully optimistic and fairly sure I'll enjoy at least James' scenes. I do find the premise original, and I think it might promise quite a few laughs at old-timey garb and manners. We'll see!

Have I mentioned how adorable and charming Keri Russell is in my opinion? I think she's just really pretty and has great presence. She seems like the right pick for the main role in this.

The Austenland US premiere was set to be yesterday in LA, but I can't find any pictures of it, so I'm guessing James wasn't there? On the other hand, this article mentions they had a "women only" screening.

"This film is very uniquely female," she explains. "There can't be many movies in the marketplace that are based on a novel by a woman, scripted by women, produced by women, directed by a woman and starring a woman. There are beginning to be more female-centric, female-created movies in the marketplace, but they're still vastly the minority."

Edit: I'm apparently living in the future - it's August 16th, not July! So look forward to that, maybe James will be there. :)

I must say I was kind of delighted at this, because men tend to rate romantic comedies - and anything for and by women - low, or not even go see them. This might, of course, be problematic if there are any androgynous or trans* people in the audience. If any photos of James pop up, I will post here ASAP.

The UK release date is September 7, according to IMDB. I'm hoping that means a Europe-wide release!