Wednesday, January 21, 2009

James Callis, Insane Genius

"I saw the end of the World
I designed the end of the Human race
And when the Armageddon came,
I found myself on my arse
With black plastic knickers on my face."
-James Callis

No, really. This is insane and brilliant - James' two pages from the Battlestar cast & crew book! Many thanks to tracy_loo_who at Livejournal:

Page 1
Page 2

What's in his head? Is it just a constant fireworks of random verbal brilliance? Because that's how the Spooky lyrics (what I could make out) were. If he wrote a book, would it be like this? Because I would totally buy that book.

...Cuttlesbreath Wash? :D

Also - I thought I overused dashes. But even I would never - use 80 (!) of them - in a two-page - text. James should - seriously consider - dash rehab.

If you're interested in seeing what Jamie, Katee, Grace, Aaron, Tricia, Tahmoh, Michaels Hogan and Trucco, or Alessandro wrote, see the full page here.


kixxa said...

James' was definitely the funniest. I love how self-deprecating he always is. Thanks for the links!!

kixxa said...

Hey, Deniselle! I was just coming over to tell you about my JC blog (which is beginning to come good), but I see you've managed to find it! Thanks for adding the link here.

I hope to put a few more images up over the weekend. I've just finished watching my DVDs of 'Sex, Chips and Rock'n'Roll' last evening 'Dead Cool' a couple of nights ago.

Deniselle said...

Hey there! I actually found it a couple of days ago, I thought I made a post too but apparently I forgot to actually finish and post it. *blush* Sorry about that! I did remember to update my links at least.

It's cool to have a new site in town, looking good so far! :) Blogging is addictive, don't you think?

kixxa said...

You're right, it's very addictive!