Sunday, October 18, 2009

James Callis at the Spike TV Scream Awards

I was really confused there for a moment, as I just posted the awards will be held on the 27th of this month. Turns out they will be AIRED then and actually took place yesterday. BSG was up for some awards, and apparently also received something. There was a mini-cast reunion with James, Tricia, Katee, Eddie, Jamie, Grace, Tahmoh, Michael Trucco, Kate Vernon and Nicki Clyne. David Eick was also present. It sounds and looks pretty awesome.

Pictures here and here. James looks very happy to see the castmates again, and he's adorably tiny and dapper in his suit (L) - but he's cut his hair really short, so I'll only give it a mini-squee. I must admit I'm a bit sad. He still looks gorgeous, but I miss the luscious mane. Of course, this is intriguing in terms of possible roles - maybe he's preparing to play Tom again on Bridget Jones? Or maybe he had a role stateside that demanded short hair? Or maybe he's just sick of the shampooing and finding stray hairs everywhere?

Edits: More pictures here - again, James looks tiny next to Tahmoh. So endearing! (L) He's very handsome. I love the tie - is it grey or pinkish? I guess that's just the light. And there's that particular smile - I can't put my finger on it, it's just very James. Something about his lips. Beautiful pictures. And even with a short going up that high, his chest hair tries to come out and steal the show! Gotta love that. :D

A recap and a lovely picture of James here. Apparently EJO had the crowd chant "So say we all!" No surprises there. James' hair looks about the same as it did in MegaCon. Hmm. I'm trying to figure out if that makes him look like another type of dachshund, but maybe I'll leave that analogy for now. :D

There's a thumbnail here with James next to Tahmoh. He looks so tiny :D (L)!!

And here next to Katee. (Ears! (L))

“BSG,” honored for its high quality contribution to the sci-fi soap genre received a special “Final Farewell.” Actors James Callis, Katee Sackhoff, Tricia Helfer, Edward James Olmos, Tamoh Penikett, Kate Vernon, and Grace Park were on hand to thank fans for obsessing over the critically acclaimed show. The celebration did not last long.

"Sci-fi soap"? BSG is "soap"? I'm not sure if I agree with that assessment. The whole tone of the article is a bit odd - "thank fans for obsessing over" the show? - but whatever. I'm trying to read James' expression. He looks like he's trying to smile but not all that happy. Maybe the award show was a bit lame and he was just trying to play along?

Somehow I feel happy and proud seeing James in a fancy suit like that. Our stylish man. (L)!

I'll add to this post when/if I find more stuff.


kixxa said...

Weeps over shorn mane of lusciousness. Happy for possible job opps! It's a give-and-take kinda world, isn't it?


Deniselle said...

Yes, it is. It's like the donut gut - he'll gain it and lose it randomly. We just need to take our fetishes where we can.

The hair will grow back. Let's have hope! (L)