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Random Googlebits, Part Huit

I wasn't planning to do this many of these, so maybe I should ask - should I use English numbers instead of French, in case some people don't know French? :P

I tried, but I couldn't find any new exciting quotes from James. It's going to be very photo heavy this time. So get your drool bibs ready and prepare for some cute!

A tiny news bit: James will be at the Scream Awards on the 27th of this month, where they're having a cast reunion. The Awards will apparently be held in New York. Hopefully some more lickable pictures for us then!


Conflicting reports about James sightings. From Facebook:

13 tuntia sitten - I live near Hollywood, but I don't know anyone who works on the show. My friend was behind James Callis (Baltar) at Ralph's food store the other day... :-)
So he's in LA?

From Twitter:

gingersnaprobin: ok. we just passed gaius baltar in a cab on 18th st. today is a special day.
3 days ago
This person is in Boston. So - he's in Boston? He can't be in both places at once, can he? It's not that I'm planning on stalking him or anything *whistles innocently* Maybe that really wasn't James in Boston... or that wasn't James in LA... or he's duplicating and everywhere at once and an angel, in which case send a clone my way, God!

But the obvious question is: what foods/drinks did he buy?! People, remember to mention essential details!

Another Tricia Helfer/Katee Sackhoff interview video. Nothing much James-wise, but Katee does mention that James liked to goof off by wearing Tricia's wig around the set. Hee! :D Judging by the last days pictures, he also liked to go around wearing Mary's wig. Not enough hair on your own head, James? ;)

Photos (mostly from cons)

New York Comic Con 2007, with Tricia: gorgeous smile - slightly blurry but so cute - kind of chubby actually. Slurp!! There are many pictures in that last link, which is from the Livejournal James Callis community. Which seems to be kind of dead. Um, anyone have plans of re-livening it up? I could join but since nothing seems to happen around there...

James and Tricia at the 2006 BSG Burbank con - some great photos in the set here. They both have such hilarious expressions, most notably in this one and this one. :D!

I love the fan pictures from MegaCon, this one included. James looks so relaxed in them. Sitting down with the fans works well for a photo like this - maybe even better than the usual standing-up photo ops. It's more relaxed that way.

A hot picture from the San Diego Comic Con.

A fun one from last year's Dragon*Con. We've got beer, balloons and Edward James Olmos - party on, James!

Comic Con party last year: OK, I know I said I don't like the hair like this, but how can you not enjoy the look on his face here? AND here? What's amusing and endearing is how much his ears stick out when he has short hair. You don't even notice them when his hair is long. Heh heh.

And from Dragon*Con signings: James looking rather bewildered by something, but what? There's some fruit juice on the table, which is a novel element and must be studied in more detail. The suspenders remind me so much of my grandpa that I still can't decide if I like them.

Still more from Dragon*Con: blue shirt and a girl by his side. And his hair is looking pretty bouncy, if controlled for the moment.

A young James models a shirt: see the photos here. It looks... weird, to be honest. I guess it's the short hair, or the youth, or whatever, but I just don't consider this my James. My James begins in 2003, when he first played Gaius Baltar. Yet he looks gorgeous, so I'm torn.

James and Ron D. Moore discussing something in Daybreak. James looks a bit like he's saying, "I hear you, Ron, but I'm not gonna play it that way." I always wish I could hear what's being said in pictures like this.

Sweaty armpits '06. Awww!

Aaron and Tahmoh have a staredown or some other such pissing contest, and James is laughing it up, here. And here.

BSG Stuff

From a Nicki Clyne/Leah Cairns panel:

The shooting starts and Olmos is away on the phone. But the director does not notice, since only Michelle is being filmed. When the time for Olmos comes to deliver his lines, James Callis does the most perfect Adama-impersonation one could imagine. After a while cast and crew burst into laughter and an angry director demands to know what the frak is wrong with those people. Suddenly he realizes that one of his main actors isn't even on set.

"Who's your favourite actor on 'Battlestar Galactica'?" Nicki and Leah counted down from three to one and answered simultaneously: "James Callis".

While I'm a bit disappointed they didn't mention him when asked who's the cutest guy on the show - I think a mention like this is something to be proud of. I might have mentioned the James as Adama story before. How could they confuse the two? James is so much smaller! :D

For the LJ-users: some beautiful Gaius icons here at nicole_anell's LJ.

In case I haven't linked to this already, check out this epic finale picspam with hilarious commentary.

Gaius Baltar? Abandoning selfishness? Sacrificing his life for the sake of humanity? Wearing a MILITARY UNIFORM? It can only mean one thing: Puberty.

Heee! :D

A thread about James, "Because his hair should be in a L'Oriel advert". Well, I have two things to say to that:
1. Definitely something I've discussed with other fans;
2. It's spelled L'Oreal.
I'm not sure what this forum is and who these people are, but it would seem that they haven't seen season four yet. So perhaps a European forum? Not all that much conversation so far, but some lovely pix on this page.

Conversation about Baltar supposedly dropping the F bomb when he yells at his Dad. He said frak, I think. It's an accent thing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I hear.

Observations from searching for James stuff:
-Jesus, "James Callis would" really brings up a lot of Dr Who speculations!

-A lot of James bios still say he has a son, Josh. What about his son Sacha and daughter Anika? I can see why a five-month-old wouldn't have made it, but Sacha is what, four years old now? Those bios sure don't update too often.

-"I love James Callis": 140 hits. (Only two of those are me, I think.)
"I hate James Callis": No hits.

That says something, right?

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