Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Les Nouvelles de James Callis

Il me faut écriver en francais, parce que James is in France filming BBC's Merlin! Awesome!

 James Callis In Merlin (UK) filming in France scenes with merlin and Gaius (!) and on a horse called Galactico!!! !!!

Wow, that's like the hand of God guiding him to the role. Except that the horse's name is one letter off. God doesn't do typos.

This is the good Merlin, from what I hear. I haven't watched it, but I probably should. He's going to be in season four.

I like seeing James on a horse. It's pretty sexy and impressive. I mean the horse isn't sexy, just James is. But if the horse makes him sexier, does that make it pervy? OR will I see anything as sexy if it's connected to James?

Also, he's impressing people left and right with his French skills on Twitter, so check it out. Also what looks like Italian to me. He's really pretty good, and he clearly enjoys impressing people with it. J'espere qu'il mange beaucoup de croissants et baguettes. Et.. donuts, whatever that is in French.

The sad nouvelles is that it really sounds like NBC won't pick up 17th Precinct. I'm really hoping it's just a rumour, but if not, I will sulk and grump in another post. Glad to know James has work even if it doesn't happen. (But not with Jamie and Tricia :( )

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