Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mr Tourist Goes to France..

There are some photos of James Callis on set of BBC's Merlin here! And I mean, look at him. "OMG I'm in France! There's a castle here! Let's see if I can get a good angle! These will be great for my holiday album!" Plus flirting with all the ladies on set, obviously. LOL!

I don't know how he always manages to look like he's not working, but having a fun holiday somewhere. I guess acting could be one of those jobs that don't feel like a job, especially if you're just guest starring and don't have a lot to film.

I'm not sure if he's in costume here or if these are his own clothes. They look a bit big on him, but then his clothes tend to, so go figure. (Also note: he's wearing a coat while the women are in T-shirts. Always cold. <3) The hair is still short and there's a minor mustache alert, with stubble. Handsome combination if you ask me. The belly looks slightly bulgy - slurp - but it's hard to tell. Unfortunately, due to my new job, I have to focus on other things and can't do proper analytics on his belly size and prize. Maybe another time. Sigh. No, I love my new job. It's just hard to focus sometimes when stuff is going on with James.

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