Tuesday, January 31, 2012

James Callis on Midsomer Murders, Part 1: Interview

James will be in tomorrow's episode of Midsumer Murders, playing the double role of Toby and Julian DeQuetteville! Exciting! This is the first time we'll see him play identical twins.

There's an interview at midsomermurders.org, read it here!

"Julian is ambitious and arrogant, while Toby is someone who tries really hard, but is possibly walking up the wrong escalator, he's not quite all there. But he's very sweet and a good person."

It sounds very interesting. ("Walking up the wrong escalator", is that a British phrase? Or just James mixing phrases? I mean you don't WALK in an escalator do you..? How does... oh nevermind.) It doesn't sound like an "evil twin" sort of storyline, so I like what I'm hearing. Double the James!

James also mentions there was a war re-enactment, and his daughter was scared of the noises. Awww, Anika! <3 It must be confusing to a two-year-old.

James also tweeted about it here. Lots of people are wondering whether that's really James Callis in the trailer. Yes, yes it is. He already confirmed it, but I doubt many of those people read his Twitter anyway.

Amusingly, my boyfriend Toby thought I was talking about a dream I had, or a crazy movie idea I was making up. "Wait, there really IS a show about these ridiculously named people?!" Toby, be nice, it's great British aristocratic names.

Midsomer Murders is a big hit in Finland also (literally translated as 'Midsomerin murhat'). So I will hopefully catch this on TV soon but before ACTA takes effect, I INTEND TO DOWNLOAD THIS and it will be my last torrent ever. I will make a post with screencaps, possibly my last one ever. I'm not kidding, ACTA might make it criminal. Jesus.  Well, let's enjoy everything while we can. More info on the show soon!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you do walk up (or down) an escalator. I think you're confusing them with elevators.

Deniselle said...

I thought escalator meant a staircase that moves by itself, i.e. you wouldn't walk in it. (Unless it breaks down and you have to.) Can it also mean a still staircase, OR is the phrase sort of like "he's walking up an escalator going down"?