Sunday, May 13, 2012

James Callis Interview: Eureka, Doing Comedy and Time Machines

Hey, I found an interview with James on Eureka! And it's DUBBED IN GERMAN ARGH. Now I know German, so I could technically listen to the dubbing and make a transcript if people want one, but note that it would NOT be a transcript really, it'd be a translation of a translation of what he actually said. So the chances of changing the content are about as good as with the Bible. He appears to be talking about time machines, how there was an Einsten-Rosen bridge, but on the show it's an Einsten-Grant bridge. (Wait, this is a real thing? I should google it). He mentions how you could technically make a time machine with your phone (?!!), or something. And he's read on alternate realities that can exist in a black hole and be 90 % dark matter - he seems fascinated by this and then says "Something like that, anyway", like he got caught up in that and forgot what he was talking about. Too cute! There are a couple of other videos, this one seems particularly cute. "I don't exactly get my violin out, oh comedy is so hard!.. It's tough." That's because it's your gift to do comedy, silly billy. :D Give yourself some credit, you're just so good.
(WTF, why did one image say it's too big for the canvas and the other just... uh.. Well you GET THE PICTURE, he looked cute.) (This blog would probably look better if I could be arsed to work on the technical stuff but I mean, whatever.) He does admit that "being lighter" is difficult, like appearing brave and strong can be hard, it's just different. Probably true, but I missed out a lot of that because of the dubbing. What's wrong with subtitles? Do middle Europeans not know how to read? Finnish shows never ever dub unless it's for children. Sorry for ranting, but this really grinds my gears. And I have to admit, we're dealing with such deep topics here that my German vocabulary might actually fail me. German fans? The difference between Eureka and BSG is that Eureka is a hopeful show, BSG is not. Also: "I don't know why they didn't give him a different surname as well.. They had a lot on their minds."
Too cute! :D His expressions, I could just do a hundred screenshots per interview and get a hundred different expressions. I haven't watched a whole lot of actor interviews, maybe this is normal for them? Or is it something James does particularly well? Either way, love it! These interviews were obviously made before season 4 aired, but for some reason they were released in January, when Germany was going to get the fourth season. Well, it's always nice to get interviews, even if they're late for the party. And soon he'll be back for season 5!

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