Tuesday, June 5, 2012

James Callis Birthday Post! Yay.

Um, I actually don't have anything very special planned. I was going to and then I was swamped with work and  my friend got her PhD and I had to party. You know, life got in the way. I'm sure he doesn't mind that I'm not doing a big celebration here or something, but I feel a bit disappointed in myself. So I'm going to at least spam the fans with some lovely photos of Jamesness.

But a flat and ordinary greeting is better than a faux-witty and desperate one, so I gave him the Michael Scott classic "I hope the only downsizing that happens to you is that someone downsizes your age", which I then had to explain because some people didn't remember it and... Well, James has this amazing memory I'm told, so maybe he does. But in case he doesn't, I have explained myself so hopefully he won't be all offended that I said he's old.

So that sort of awkward little opening there. Um. But I hope he's out there enjoying his birthday and not sitting around reading my tweets.

So a little happy birthday card!! We love you James :* :* Hope you enjoyed your day. Lots and lots of love, joy, and prosperity and many decades more!

(um, it's a surprise birthday party with balloons who adore him, or something. I'm weird, but who cares.)

And now for the fans.. A Re-Uniting the Rubins picspam! Also note that this answers the "James Callis barefoot" search I had recently, LOL.

Since Blogger is being absolutely hopeless today with photos, the party is at my Tumblr, Fuck Yeah James Callis! Enjoy. :)

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