Saturday, June 30, 2012

James Callis Sends a Message to Aliens

James has a couple of messages for aliens, and they're found here

This is part of a project that will be sent into space. Will anyone ever watch it? If so, will they respond? Mind-blowing idea. 

Either way, it's exciting they wanted James in this project, and his videos are very James indeed. I.e. funny and gorgeous and just damn silly. There's something very touching about him sitting on that tiny trampoline (his kids'?). I love when he does his Very Serious Voice (tm). Also, he still has a bone to pick with the Barnet council, due to their weird parking payment rules. LOL! I hope the aliens have a good sense of humor. 

His hair looks like a mix between curly and ruffled and it's big and luscious and I feel.. I.. *drool*.. I can talk about this reasonably and scientifically, it's just that... I... *drool* yes... asdfjjag. 

Um. Either way, watch! Awesome! :) 

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