Saturday, December 6, 2008

James at Starfury (check back for updates)

Updated on Dec 17th, 9:49 PM Finnish time
This post will be updated every time I find something about James in the Battlestar Starfury convention (Dec 5th-7th 2008 in Heathrow, London). If you were at Starfury and want to write a report or send a picture, I would be more than happy to post them. My email is swanjonasAThotmailDOTcom. (By the way, this offer also stands for anyone who's met James at any con over the years.)

Also see the new post with just the James quotes/paraphrases and my comments. I've edited them out of this post.

A photostream on flickr with many photos of Starfury here!
You can see James during the closing ceremony, which is new - he looks quite sad while saying goodbye. I think he was waving in this one - either that or his hand looks very strange indeed.

Lots of photos, including many gorgeous James shots, at ruthkit's (newbieUK) Livejournal here!

A brief con report - I didn't really get the part about James:

James is hysterical and filthy minded (how to tell someone is living close by - they ask people to be really careful on the roads going back)

Hmm? How is that filthy? Is that supposed to be some kind of euphemism? Or is the part in brackets in no way related to the part about him being filthy minded? I must admit I don't really associate that idea with James. He doesn't do super naughty humor as far as I've seen. Eddie, sure, but James?

SECOND VIDEO! Which is longer. James answers a few questions and Katee answers one. The title refers to Katee, she's the one who quit smoking, not James. (Whew.) This video is more upclose and you can see their faces.

FIRST VIDEO! James is asked about the Gaius/Gaeta shipping.

A few quotes/paraphrases posted by infinity at Caprica City:

Jennifer und James haben bei uns allen gleich einen umwerfenden Eindruck hinterlassen.
James erzählte, daß er vor kurzem den Nikolaus an der Schule seiner Kinder spielen mußte, obwohl er doch gar nicht dick genug dafür wäre^^

Er hat uns einen tollen Vortrag über die Definition von "evil" gehalten und meinte, daß er immer von Stewardessen auf Bridget Jones angesprochen und von ihnen wie "the second coming of christ" behandelt wird.
My translation:
"Jennifer [Halley] and James left a stunning impression on all of us.

James told us that he had to play Santa at his kids' school some time ago, even if he isn't nearly fat enough for the role.

He held us a cool lecture about the definition of "evil". He believes stewardesses still recognize him from Bridget Jones and therefore treat him like "the second coming of Christ"."

A new photo of James cutely frowning, once again thanks to infinity at Caprica City. He reminds me of a frowning baby. I don't know why, but I find all of his expressions really cute.
(I've rearranged all the photo links below, this is the only new link.)

Lots of photos, including many of James, here!

Four new James photos at Caprica City! See them on this page - and OMG what is that hat he's wearing?! The text says that he also had it on when someone saw him walking around the corridors in private or something. (addendum: he apparently also wore it for one of the "Lowdown" extras and looked not unlike an alpaca.. :D)

Janine posted her Q&A photos at the Unofficial website! There are plenty! See them here.
He looks really good and I'm incredibly excited right now.

The first photos are online at Caprica City! Two of them are with James. Single links to the James photos here and here. He looks SO good! Another picture with Katee and James laughing here! Sorry for not crediting the individual photographers before - this one's by Victim_Boomers_Revenge, and the previous two by infinity.

A brief con report with two quotes from James:

He launched right in with the opening gambit: "Playing Doctor Who is just not the right idea for me right now…"
And how would Callis like Baltar to finally die, given the choice? "Baltar would die during an orgasm with a smile on his face," said the British actor.
Hee, no surprises there. Looks like he's following the internet discussions where he's often being suggested as the new Dr Who. slight correction - someone apparently asked him about it. But I still like to think he's followed the discussions.

-The German fan community Caprica City has a few updates here. Concised translation of the James bits:
-he was very kind and intelligent.
-he looked really cute. I am so adopting the nickname Super-Schnuckel.
-he made Katee feel more at ease at their joint Q&A. Awww!
-he was wearing the Audi spot outdoor vest.
-and a brief quote to even those with limited German skills:
James Callis ist hilariously funny, totally charming und ein wahrer Gentleman
Tip: "ein wahrer" means "a true".

-A brief positive bit here:

James Callis was hilarious and very very nice. He could diffuse the odd questions about who else would you sleep with with humility and humour and a great deal of obfuscation.


Anonymous said...

The Doctor Who thing was in response to a specific question about whether he'd consider ever taking on the role. It was not just a random thing he came out with. He said that he felt like he'd already played that kind of character in Baltar and had no desire at the moment to do it again.

Deniselle said...

Sorry, I got the impression from the article that he just said it first thing without any kind of buildup. Maybe I misunderstood something.

Any other interesting quotes you'd like to share? :)