Saturday, December 27, 2008

Random Googlebits

OK, the holidays are over, and I managed to squeeze in quite a bit of James pondering. I have some transcripts coming (oldies but goodies), but today my head is indignant and my stomach wishes to register a complaint, so I think I'll serve a pot pourri of little stuff I've been meaning to post about but never have.

As a fan(girl), I make a lot of "James Callis" Google searches. Here are some of the random but cute things I've found about James. One of the reasons for making this post is that I can easily find these links here when I feel like revisiting them. If there are any cool links you know of, feel free to post them in the comments. Let's make a collection of James links to end all futile Google searches!

OK, this isn't from a Google search but I have to add it: Nicole Anell posted a beautiful Baltar/Six picspam. It's very sexy and sums up all the major Baltar/Six moments. If you're still at your parents' house, don't open this while Mommy's in the room.

And now for the googlebits!

Who would win in a fight, a minotaur armed with a trident or a centaur armed with a crossbow? James gives a pretty thoughtful answer!

From the same site:
Am I Lying with James Callis. Very cute. There are different variations of the "I'm lying" and "I'm telling the truth" videos, so go through several questions to see them all (worth just for his facial expressions - he obviously had fun doing this). However!

Want to look at somebody more attractive than James Callis?
Hey! James is attractive! Minus points for that.
My result is "Puppy dog". "You don't have an evil bone in your body - you probably can't even spell 'evil'." Damn. (I will play until I get the extra question from James, if it takes me all day!) Interestingly, James says "God bless" in the end. I thought you didn't believe in God, James? Edit: Hey, there are several different bonus questions! I am going to play this all day and all night now.

James is part of the tribe! (Scroll down to "I am such a dork".) I knew he's Jewish, but I'm impressed that he apparently knows a lot of Hebrew. Ken, lo, more tov, mora tova. Ani Deniselle. Eh. I actually took a brief Hebrew course ten years ago, but that's all I remember. (That's yes, no, good male teacher, good female teacher, and I'm Deniselle, if memory serves. Let's just say the teachers had big egos.)

James the good daddy:

Punk asked if he could take a pic, and he said "not with my child." We said understood, no problem and started to walk away. He said "I'll just hand him over to my wife!" He smelled very good. The end.

Awwww. That's not only totally protective of his children, but also totally considerate to the fans. And it's not the first time someone mentions that he smells good. *fangirl squee* Also, very good behavior from the fans there. Some people should take note: you ask for a picture, and if he says no, you politely walk away. Because he's a person with a right to privacy, not public property. Thumbs up.

James the bad influence:

Ron smokes way too much during those podcasts. It's pretty much the only time he really smokes, except when he's hanging around with James Callis. Together they are out of control.

Heeee! How shocking!

James shows courage (or just lack of self-preservation) when faced with an injury:

James Callis was sitting on set quite happily until the call came out to move, at which point he stood up with all force and enthusiasm... the top of his head promptly cracking straight into the end of one of these I-beams. Apparently, James then stood there, one hand clutching his head and protesting that he was alright right up until blood started gushing down his face, whilst Aaron was standing there doing the typically male "suck it up dude" joke, up until Callis fell over and everyone suddenly realised it was a lot more serious. To top it off, they rushed him to the hospital (he needed stitches, and had a concussion) but given how slight James Callis already is and that they were covered in wound makeup for the episode, the hospital went frantic when they arrived!
Ouch! That's scary stuff. Seems like a typically James "I'm alright, don't fuss over me" response. This entry is about Aaron Douglas talking at a con, and it's actually very interesting reading overall. Oh, also - "according to James Callis, it's apparently Baltar-star Galactica". And yup, that's where my blog title comes from.

Bob Hoskins admires a young James:

"James is brilliant-he's just out of drama school, so he knows he has nothing to lose, but he's not quite sure what he has to win, so he has just come to do the play. There's no sideshow: The play is the most important thing. We're completely different people - the only thing we have in common is this play, and both of us have such an understanding now of each other in the play. There's nowhere to hide - there's just the two of us onstage for two hours. But I know he's watching my arse and I'm watching his. We trust each other completely. Our characters are, like James and me, also completely unlike each other - two different people with nothing in common except music."
A young James admires Renée Zellweger:

The other thing that a lot of people don't realise is that Renée's a very clever cookie. I think she's got a degree in social anthropology or something like that from the University of Texas so she's scarily bright. She knows everything about everything.
James obviously doesn't realize how much that sounds like him.

If you haven't read this old interview yet, go read it now. He talks about men and women being friends, and it's nice and in-depth. He also talks about his wife:

That's how it was when I met my wife Neha. She was beautiful, easy to talk to and even easier to laugh with - it had all the makings of a good friendship. But I had an overwhelming feeling that if I didn't ask her out immediately I would regret it for the rest of my life. I didn't want to become "friends" and risk losing the chance of romance between us - I wanted her to know how I felt straightaway - luckily, she felt the same way.
Weird, I had the same feeling with my girlfriend. After a while, I just had to tell her how I felt, even if it meant rejection. Probably the biggest risk I've taken in my life. It was really worth it.

I've struggled with this link several times, but I got it now. Tutorial:
1. Download this file.
2. Scroll to about 30 minutes, and there's a phone interview with James! Yay!
3. No need to download the other episode of Slice of SciFi with the James interview - the one in part 158 is a rerun of the one in part 88.
The interview is from 2006 and obviously done right after the torture episode is aired. James is able to joke about it a bit: "I'm holding the phone to my left ear" and about the sex scenes: "If you pardon the pun, it was a hard day to keep it up." Heee!

How to make a James Callis sculpture out of a Hugh Jackman sculpture? Hollow out the cheeks and make the nose pointier. I had to read this a couple of times before I understood what's being discussed here. Also, "Callis-like ears" sounds cute, but maybe that's just because his ears look cute to me.

This post became somewhat longer than I intended, and I'm finding more links all the time, so maybe I'll make another one later. I feel all warm and fuzzy and Jamesy now.

Check back in the next few days, as I'm planning a few posts before the new year. James on you all and I hope you're enjoying the holidays!


kixxa said...

I just want to thank you for searching out such wonderful James tidbits! I've had a great time listening to the interviews and reading the transcripts - James is always entertaining and endearingly, sweetly human (while always being a hottie!!).

Deniselle said...

Aww, no problem! James tidbits always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And yeah, that's what he's like. <3!!! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

I wonder if James googles himself and if so, what he thinks of some of these links?

kixxa said...

I think he'd be very chuffed! Yes, very chuffed indeed. :D

Deniselle said...

OK, I'm gonna have to admit I don't know what "chuffed" means. :D

kixxa said...

Oh, you don't know it? It is a very English word though. I found this on a dictionary site...


–adjective British Informal.
delighted; pleased; satisfied.

Yeah, I think James would be all of those. :)

Deniselle said...

I'm most familiar with US English, some British expressions are new to me. But hey, always good to learn new vocabulary! So thanks! :D