Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Jamesmas!

This is me on Christmas 2006 with a thin Santa who, of course, reminds me of James now.

A little announcement: I am going to be at my parents' house from the 23rd till the 26th of December. There will most likely be no updates during this time. If I have access to the internet, I will most likely update only twitter. (That's in the sidebar, or here:

In other words, if you planned your Christmas around following my blog updates, now's the time to change plans.

This year, I think I'll celebrate Jamesmas. Basically that means going home and spending Christmas as always, but secretly thinking of James Callis the entire time. I feel a bit naughty, because not only have I renounced Christianity (something I won't tell my very religious Mom), but I worship a Jewish man who isn't Jesus and doesn't even believe in God. How much more blasphemous can you get?

I've been a fan for about six months now. Everything I've found on James online has been overwhelmingly positive, which still feels a bit too good to be true. I started out thinking he'd be a super talented, but kind of arrogant guy (based on how he acts as Baltar), but that changed with about the first interview. My image of him right now is just a really warm, sweet guy who's unaware of how talented, handsome and likeable he is. If he finds this blog, I hope it gives him some idea.

I've really enjoyed writing this blog and meeting new people through James here, at Skiffy and the James Callis website. M/Sidestepping, Daniela, Janine, Nicole, Ivana, Pedda, Triny, Rikkie, Pip and everyone else I've crossed paths with - you're awesome and I've had so much fun. Let's have even more fun next year!

And to quote Krusty the Klown, I wish you all:
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Kwazy Kwanzaa!
A Tip Top Tet!
and a solemn, dignified Ramadan.

And an especially warm [insert holiday that agnostic-Jewish British-Indian families celebrate] greeting to James Callis and his family, wherever you may be. I wish you joy, happiness, good health, and great roles for James in the future.

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Wesoly said...

Merry Holidays to you too! I love your photo with Santa--you look awesome! Great dress! :-))))))

See ya on Twitter.