Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Googlebits, Part Deux

Just some fun James-related things I've found to cheer myself up. Warning: warm and fuzzy feelings might result from browsing through these links.

I'm not sure if I've ever linked to this before: "Gaius Baltar is the teflon scapegoat". It's one of the first interviews I saw. James looks very cute, but sadly red-tinted, in the video. There's also a transcript.

I actually realize now that I'm so much more fond of him than other people. No, I really care about that man. I feel so sorry for him.

Aww, but there are lots of fans who feel that way too, James! You're not alone!
Apparently, if the video doesn't play for you, you can listen to it in audio clips here.

An adorable interview with James from back in 2006, from the Emmy afterparty. My favorite part is where he's asked about working with Tricia and their chemistry together:

James: "I use an analogy whereby.. people like to say, 'Oh, isn't so-and-so good at arranging flowers? The flowers look beautiful.' Flowers do look beautiful, and you have to be pretty ham-fisted to make them not look beautiful. So when you act with somebody who is utterly gorgeous all of the time, it'd be kind of like, you know... Tricia will have chemistry with a plant pot, and similarly also luckily with me. I just happen to be the sidekick to her affections, and I'm...damn lucky."

Interviewer: "You're being far too modest, James, I know for a fact you have a huge following on the internet among female fans... (James' face: "OMG, people like me? I was totally unprepared for this!") Don't you know it?"

James: (totally flustered) "No, I really don't know it! Just direct me to the sites!" (looks down, embarrassed but, I dare say, pleased)

Interviewer: "Just go on Google and type in your own name and you'll find more information than you want to know about yourself, I think."

James: "Wow! That's something that I really might, like, do. [gets back on topic about Tricia]"

Yes, James, we are out there. So did you Google yourself and find us? :) I love how he can't handle the praise. You'd think he'd be used to it by 2006. I totally should blog more about his looks and title every post "James Callis is gorgeous". I hope his analogy doesn't offend any florist fans though! And I'm not usually a fan of the bearded Jesus look (see below) but he looks very cute indeed in this video. Gush!

These seem to be photos with fans from Starfury - the only ones I've found - but they're being used to measure his height, which... OK. James is looking cute, but kind of tired. I see he's wearing The Vest, as seen on the Audi S3 Sportback ad. Most of the conversation is people estimating exactly how tall James might be, which, even to me as a fangirl, is not particularly fascinating. But then there's this, also about Starfury:

Anyway, at one point we were standing in the foyer of the hotel and saw a Man with a beard go into the gentleman's toilet. Nothing out of the ordinary, well, except for him wearing high heels, tights and a black leather mini skirt. 30 seconds later James Callis walks in.

A couple of minutes later james walks out and the look on his face was priceless, the kind of look that Gaius Baltar would give - 'That was the men's room, right?'.

LOL! :D Hey James, it's a con, surely you've seen weirder than that.

James is asked about gendercide, and actually tries to give an intelligent answer. Hee!

James is asked about zombie apocalypse, and totally doesn't know what to say. Hee!
(Unfortunately, with both videos, you have to watch an ad for the Sex Drive DVD. The same exact ad. Blah.)

Another 2006 interview - IF Magazine.com, an interesting article. Too bad there's something wrong with the special characters like ' and ", because there are these broken-looking images all over. Part 1, Part 2. I tried to quote more but it comes out looking weird, so just a brief quote on his look for season 3:

I look very different right now. I'm wandering around Los Angeles, and it's a strange thing. Is it every person with long hair and a thick beard called Jesus? Everyone I meet is saying "Oh! It's Jesus - hello." I think I look a bit more like John the Baptist to be quite frank; I've been out in the desert eating locusts and honey for a while. I'm a cross between humanity and the missing link, which I kind of like.
He really did look like Jesus though. It's not every person with a long hair and beard - it's just you, James. Of course, some scientists claim Jesus actually had a wide face and short hair, so maybe it's more the popular idea of how Jesus might have looked. If that's any consolation.

Tricia shares an embarrassing story from filming (probably Taking a Break From All Your Worries):
"I was filming underwater with my [Battlestar Galactica] costar James Callis and I was supposed to surface right in front of him. You've got to start breathing out before you get there, but the water just slides up your nose and everywhere! So basically I was snorting and burping and everything right in his face.... It wasn't exactly the prettiest situation!"
Hee! That's not directly about James, but I just had to add it.

A very old interview with James about an imaginary dinner party. His guest list is very interesting, but what amused me the most is this terrible after-dinner joke he'd tell:

"An old woman keeps hassling the police. Every night she rings them and says: `I want to report a man who keeps exposing himself. I can see him from my window and it's disgusting'.
But the police don't come round, so she rings them again, complaining: `He's still doing it. Come and see'.
After months of phone calls, the police finally give in, go to her window and look for the man.
`I can't see him,' said the officer. `No, you have to stand on the wardrobe', said the old lady."
That's like one of the worst jokes ever. :D Hee. Also check out the rest of the First Unofficial Website's Article Gallery.

This is supposed to be a page with James Callis quotes, but there's only one - "We are all products of the age we belong to." Couldn't agree more, but it'd be nice to hear a context for this quote. I'm not a big fan of random quote collections, because they tend to ruin the original meaning.

Who's Fulvio Cecere? Whoever he is, here's a cute (and from the looks of it, old) picture of him with James. Wow, a shocking picture of Tricia as well. I think it might have been the Gina days.

Finally, can I just say that I don't think James Callis looks anything like Alexander Siddig? Maybe a slight similarity but... Seriously, why is that one of the main things google suggests for a search? "James Callis Alexander Siddig". "James Callis Star Trek". WTF? "james callis glasses" is apparently also a popular search.

Even more bizarre are some of the combinations Google suggests that it's apparently saved from my searches. I can see the logic behind "James Callis"+"chest hair" or "James Callis"+ Jewish, but when did I ever search for "James Callis"+banghra? "James Callis"+saw? "James Callis"+chocolate? "James Callis"+"stalker info"? :D (Unfortunately, there is no stalker info page. Yet.)


kixxa said...

Your google skills never cease to amaze me! So nice to see those two interviews which I'd never seen before. The second one was particularly lovely as I can never tire of gazing at long-haired James. And to explain how he's the plant pot to Tricia's beautiful flowers...well, he's always so darned self-deprecating. If he is a plant pot, he's the most gorgeous plant pot I've ever seen. *lol*

And, last, but very much not least, I'm really glad to hear you're feeling a little better now.

Elina said...

Google is fascinating isn't it. :D You know, sometimes I think the search phrases are not quite accurate. I mean, the engine doesn't save them in the correct form or something.

Doesn't James look much older now than in the beginning of Battlestar? I know it's been years (6?), but it looks like he's closer to 40 than 30. His eyes look so tired. Still cute and all that, but old and tired. Did Gaius brush on him a little bit perhaps..?

Deniselle said...

kixxa, you just need to try different search terms each time - although I must say, "banghra" and "chocolate" turn up nothing of value :D

Plant pot! Of course! Why did I hear plum pot? *edits* Thanks! Actually, I think his whole example was a bit silly - of course you can make flowers look prettier by arranging them right. (Stereo)typical male thinking here?

I'm actually feeling very gleeful today and got some crazy and terrible ideas for James mvoies, so I think I will post them too. It's fun to be in this mood again! :)

Elina, actually, I wouldn't put those past myself - it just must have been really late at night. :P I vaguely remember looking for "stalker info" as a joke.

I wouldn't go as far as "old and tired" - but he is going to turn 38 in a few months, so it's understandable if he looks closer to 40 than 30. On the other hand, I thought he looked younger in Comic Con and Dragon*Con which were only a few months earlier, so... Maybe he just got REALLy sloshed on the first night of Starfury. :D

kixxa said...

What the hell is banghra, anyway? Sounds like something you smoke. *g* And, James Callis and chocolate is a combination that I'm too scared to try. :D

I have no idea what an m movie is, but they sound like fun!

Hey, Elina! Deniselle was mentioning earlier that James was very sick when he was filming season 4.5. He had a misdiagnosed stomach parasite and lost heaps of weight over a two month period. I must say that he looked a good deal better in that last episode. Hopefully, that was the turning point. He was getting so terribly thin for a while there... :(

Deniselle said...

kixxa, I think it´s an Indian music style? Maybe I was thinking he might have something to do with Indian music... :D

Yes, I think the chocolate was just "two things I like a LOT". Maybe I should do a google search for "my addictions" and I´d get a bunch of delicious James, chocolate and Cola links. Mmm!

It´s basically just insanely bad movie ideas :D I´ll probably post them later today!

Back to work now - James on you guys! :)