Monday, March 9, 2009

Meet Me By The Water, Baby

...cos I can't get this picture out of my mind. It's a shot of James by the water, taken by Dennys Ilic. You can find more great photos by him at his Facebook profile. Ilic is a master at bringing out James' hotness (which is always there for me, but rarely THIS clear). Basically it's the most beautiful photo I've seen of James so far. I also love the nature element. You know it's a good picture when you get wet just from seeing the water (or rather the man drenched therein. :P Drool!).

Here's another style completely - more like old movie star pictures. Very stylish and hot. "Shh, don't worry baby - the future might seem uncertain, but I'm still really sexy."

Ilic was on set for BSG during the final days, and he also made the "final days of BSG" video that we weren't supposed to see, but totally did see and loved. It also contained lots of sexy James shots.

I can't find the exact quote now, but I seem to remember James mentioning these pictures at some con and being very happy with how they turned out. He's also used Ilic's photos of him, as seen on imdb, for autographs at cons.

The terms of use for these photos, stated by Ilic himself at the James Callis Unofficial Website:

I have no problem with people using shots i have listed publicly for their fan sites as long as they represent the actors in question as they are meant to be in my images and the shots are not re-framed or modified in any way.

The only conditions i ask to be adhered to are:

No Commercial Profit be made from the images.
Full and proper credit and links be provided to the Source
You send me a link to the point of use of the images.

You can contact him at dennys_ilicAThotmailDOTcom.


Elina said...

Ahh. Those sad eyes. And the hairstyle looks really good on him! Usually bangs like that make me think Hugh Grant-blergh-vomit-nausea but James, well, is it even possible for him to look bad??

I also like the cold colour tones and of course the setting in general. Some abandoned place.

He often seems to wear those white shirts with the top buttons open to show off his chest hair. :P

Deniselle said...

"He often seems to wear those white shirts with the top buttons open to show off his chest hair. :P"

Yes, I've noticed the same, and I hope he keeps that up is all I can say! :D

Wet chest hair. Jamesss. *wipes drool*