Thursday, March 12, 2009

James on the TV Guide Cover!

So it's obviously Sexy James Photos Week. Sorry, Google blogsearch, that's Sexy James CALLIS Photos Week. TV Guide has him in the cover, looking awesome and intense with two very sexy ladies, and his hair is looking really good this time. It looks like a very recent photo, with a similar (but better-looking) hairdo as that to the MegaCon one. See also: video above (if you find embedded videos annoying, try the direct link here) and more photos from the shoot online here.

James is really good in these photo shoots. Not only does he look great, but he can really flirt with the camera. Tricia's a former model, so I'm not surprised she feels at home in these shoots, but she and James play so well together that you'd think they're both models. I will really miss their chemistry together. They obviously like each other very much and have so much fun together. Sniff, don't break up my favorite TV couple! Give them their own series!

Tricia, Katee and Mary are all looking very classy and sexy, and even if I'm no A/R shipper, Eddie and Mary's shots together are very sweet. But what's up with Eddie's mullet? (Have I really taken up calling him Eddie?) I'm also intrigued as to why these exact actors. Eddie and Mary, OK, Tricia and Katee, OK. But, even if I love James and I know he's top seven and all, is he now more central than Jamie and Grace? This is interesting. It might be a hint of "the shape of things to come" in terms of the conclusion of the series. Or it might not be. I'm hoping Baltar will be very important, but we'll see.


Elina said...

OMG OMG beautiful sexy people!!! *stroke; grabs chest*

I'm having a really hard time deciding who's sexier, James or Katee. It's really a tough choice because they represent different sexes. :D Hmm. I think I'd hump and marry James and have Katee as a friend. Maybe she could join us for a 3some every once in a while, since I'm wishing.

Well, as much as I love Jamie and Grace, Baltar has always been a more central character to me. And I'm not AT ALL biased! :P

But seriously, Battlestar overall and the actors and -tresses are so well "crafted". Everything's so perfect. How on Caprica did they do it? Sniff, I'm so spoiled by this show that nothing will ever satisfy me anymore!

Deniselle said...

Are you ok? Maybe I should have posted a "sexy content" warning. :D

For me it's James vs. Tricia, although I have to say Katee is very sexy to me too, especially in this shoot. As is Mary. We could all have a fivesome. The only one I can't find sexy, no matter what, is Eddie. Totally not my type.

Baltar's always been more central for me as well - but Jamie Bamber is in the credits before James Callis, so who knows? Lots of Baltar in Daybreak, Part 1, by the way.

I totally agree about BSG. It was SO good, what can ever compare? In the Starfury Q&A's, James was saying that very few shows could offer him the same as BSG has offered. That's what we feel as viewers too, James.