Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Just wanted to post some end-of-March quickies that don't warrant a full post of their own.

Firstly - 3,270 visits since August. What can I say? Thank you so much to all the visitors and welcome again! The visitor count constantly exceeds my expetations. I hit 1,000 around Christmas, so there's been an exceptional traffic in the past few months. I realize it might have to do with the end of BSG and dwindle hereafter, but I'm seeing a lot of the same locations, and I'm glad I show up in "James Callis" searches (when Google Blogsearch is noble enough to include me...). Most of the searches are surprisingly on topic for this blog, having to do with either James or BSG. (My old fat acceptance blog got hits like "fur coat mature horny" and "comics about eating food that isn't yours", which was... interesting to say the least!)

Secondly, a small personal update: I realize I posted a while back about being depressed, so I should probably mention that after two months of meds and two counseling sessions, I'm feeling a lot better already. I have a lot more energy, and as you may have noticed, my sense of humor is getting sillier by the minute. So all is well.

Then onto the JC stuff:

Found some videos of the MegaCon panel, and they're in this playlist. (That's only the James-relevant ones, there are more videos by the same user if you're interested in the other panelists.) They're not the full panel, and it seems a bit hard to piece together a transcript, but I might still make one if we don't get a full panel from someone else.

[If you haven't seen the finale, there are spoilers, so jump over this paragraph.] The finale has already been covered by everyone, so I'm not really sure if I want to write a long analysis. I felt pretty much the same as BSGCast: loved the resolution of Baltar, Adama/Roslin was pretty much what I expected, Lee being left alone felt a bit odd, and wasn't happy with the way the angels/Kara were wrapped up (even a little more explanation would have been nice). I just don't feel like I have a lot more to say about it at this point. Overall, it's a finale that uplifted me (mainly the GaiusCaprica/OperaHouse scenes), felt like a worthy closure to most things, and didn't leave any lingering spikes of bitterness or disappointment. I was and am a bit annoyed with the robot thing in the end, which I think was a stylistic mistake, because it takes you away from the feel of the series. But how cool is it that James got to speak the final lines? I just have to say that one more time. All in all, I'm feeling calm and happy about the finale and feel like I can move on. (Meaning I'll probably rewatch the show soon, thinking and blogging about Gaius' awesome arc all along.)
[end of spoilers]

All the negativity against Ron D. Moore bugs me. I appreciate that some fans were left with lingering spikes of disappointment, and they have a right to post their criticisms, but there's no point in personally hating him. We don't have to endlessly fanwank RDM as a world-class genius, but it would be nice if people had a little respect. The hate seems overdone, especially after RDM himself answered some fan concerns and questions in the Skiffy forums. He was very eloquent and kind, and that made me think more highly of him. I might return to his points a little later.

So far, no post-finale interviews of James. I'd really like to hear his views on Baltar's end and all other things now that we can be as spoiled as we like. I'll keep looking and post about any new stuff. He was apparently at the cast and crew screening of the finale. (Annoying sidenote: The article refers to him as "Baltar" throughout.)

Working on the James Callis/Mark Sheppard Q&A, which I will post probably later this week, with apologies for the long delay. After that, I'm returning to other transcripts I hadn't finished previously. While I'm pretty much done with the 2008 stuff, there's plenty of 2007-2005 James goodness to get through.

Wrote another post about the fat girl in Beginner's Luck thing, but it's in my diary blog, since it's a bit more personal. Quick recap: it's still somewhat of an issue for me, but I'm mostly over it. I feel a bit bad criticizing James, even if I still feel my criticism was valid. Either way, I don't believe he has anything against fat people in general, so I hope no one took it like that.

That's about all for now! More coming soon. BSG is over, but this blog is still going on.

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