Tuesday, May 25, 2010

James Callis on Eureka: Who Is This Man?

Ooo! This looks interesting indeed. But I thought he was going to be a good guy, not some mysterious... I don't even know! :D

Either way, it looks like he has a really central role, and I'm kind of intrigued. What's with the gigantic hat? Why is he wearing a brown vest? Why is Colin Ferguson wearing the same kind of gear? Do his episodes take place in the past? Why is Salli Richardson-Whitfield not in this video?

(Am I beginning to sound like I actually care? I think I am.)

The bad news: According to Jamie Paglia, they're only going to air 9 episodes this summer, then a Christmas episode, and the other ten next year. But still, 10 episodes of James! Yay!

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Wesoly said...

Actually, Salli Richardson-Whitfield is in the video. She's the woman who appears in the window, and I think she's the one dressed as a nurse in the other scenes.

Dare I say, I'm actually excited about this story???? :D