Monday, May 24, 2010

Administrary Blurb, Part 2.

Hey, I'm doing this for the second time! This must mean that it's going to be a tradition for something.

Why Baltarstar Frog? Initially, I thought I'd confuse people by just randomly changing the design and putting in new titles that sound vaguely like Baltarstar Blog. But you know, the frog seems very summery and nice, doesn't it? Maybe I'll keep this theme for a while. (And maybe I won't. I'm a mysterious kind of blogger!) Baltar didn't have a frog, as far as I know, but he totally should have. It would have relieved his pressures and guilt with its happy smile and amusing noises. The frog in question is named Deuteronomy, and he is hollow from the inside, with a hole in his head as well. I purchased him at a very low price in a flea market once, but this does not mean he isn't a valuable asset. He also functions as my Twitter and Facebook icon right now. And he's a huge James Callis fan, just like me.

I'm doing a TV meme on Livejournal, and BSG keeps coming up for some reason. Read on how I got into the show, who my favorite characters are BESIDES Baltar and Six, and which episodes are my favorite and least favorite, here. (I'm too lazy to make a direct link to each post. I realize they will be bumped down later, but for future reference, they were written in May 2010, and can be found around the 20th.)

So that's all of James Callis on FlashForward. That was awesome! The finale is yet to air, so we'll see if there's any further mention of Gabriel McDow, but I'm not really expecting that right now. I got a lot of views for these posts, including fun searches like "James Callis I like tomatoes" and "I hate pickles! I hate lettuce! I hate onions! I like tomatoes". James has gotten mixed reviews, but I'm not going to go over them and comment on them all, because a) I don't want to be the girl who never lets people talk about James without commenting and b) there are too many threads to keep tabs of.

I should add that with my last post, there were just so many issues to discuss that I forgot to mention how adorably chubby he was looking. Oh, dear! I am appalled and shocked at such negligence! Granted, if he is going to be chubby for a while, I might stop commenting on it in every post. (But please bear with me if I just can't!)

Re-Uniting the Rubins has NOT been shown at Cannes, it seems. I have no idea what's going on and am beginning to lose hope it will ever come out. But um, I will post news as I find them. It's a bit weird at this point.

Eureka starts airing on July 9th, and this means twenty episodes with James! Excellent! As you all know, I'm not a huge fan of the show, but maybe I'll change my opinion with James' episodes. Or maybe I'll just enjoy what I can and shut up about what I don't like in the show. Basically, the way I see it, Eureka is like Gilmore Girls, but it's about supposedly super-intelligent people. They don't usually act smarter than the townies in GG, but they have fun inventions and there are time distortions and such stuff. Which I basically find fun, as long as it's not TOO silly. We'll see where James falls on my "too silly - too serious" scale, but he has a good sense of humor, so we can at least expect good READINGS and fun expressions. Also, I did occasionally enjoy Gilmore Girls a great deal.

The Facebook thing. Um, eh, hmm. *shame* See, here's how it's going to be: I'm depressed. I can't hide it and I can't stop it from screwing up my perception of reality sometimes. It will come out in this blog and I'm sorry. Ideally, I'd like for this to be a tribute blog where I don't post negative stuff or doubts about James, but it seems like I can't avoid that. Maybe that means it's also personal in a good way and accurately reflects my admiration and respect for him.

MOST of the time, James is a positive thing in my life and the fandom has given me a lot of strength. I have no reason to think James doesn't like me, and it would be neurotic and morbid to go on thinking in that way. So I've resigned to not knowing what he thinks of me, but assuming the best.

So I continue to gush and will continue to post lots when something's happening. Unless James himself specifically requests it, I will not take down or stop writing this blog. (Or, as the case might be, frog.)

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