Wednesday, May 5, 2010

James (Callis) Talks About Eureka!

There's a new interview of James at Sci Fi Wire! He talks about Eureka and a bit about BSG. It's here.

OK, so more comments. The hair is quite short, and as usual, it will probably take a while to get used to that. I seem to have this "standard James" image with medium length hair. I will say that short hair makes him look a bit more boyish, which is cute. But - we have chest hair! I realize I haven't seen those in ages. Gabriel is always wearing so many layers of clothing. Good to see you again, chesties!

He's looking a lot like he did in 2007, some time before I became a fan. It was a good year, 2007. (I can be calm about this. I won't go on and on about his weight. I can just not... I can... I... OMG GUSH HE STILL LOOKS CHUBBY!!! (L) (L) (L) Sorry. Sorry. OK, calm again.)

What strikes me about this interview - and really, most interviews with him - is that he's so honored to be a part of BSG, and he's honored to be a part of Eureka. There's a deep tone of gratitude when he talks about these shows, and that's beautiful to hear. He never gives himself much credit, even if he does say he's proud to be in BSG (but he also says he can hardly believe he was involved). Oddly enough, he says he was proud to be an actor on BSG, when before it ws "Um, I'm involved in the production in some way." I'm not sure if that's just a joke, or a reference to some of the um.. less fortunate shows he's had to be on in the past (cough Soldier Soldier cough).

"It would seem that Battlestar is so huge in people's consciousness that a lot of people don't want you to go on from that. They just want you to be what you were.. forever."

Thank you! I mean, I'm proud of BSG and Gaius Baltar, and I'm glad people remember James from that. BUT not every role he does is exactly like Gaius Baltar. The very first news on Eureka were like "James Callis plays another doctor". In the responses to his FlashForward role, there are many people saying: "Hey, he's playing a crazy guy again, just like Gaius Baltar." Um, but Gaius isn't crazy, is he? I mean he had visions that turned out to be real. And he did pretty well considering that he had an enormous guilt to carry, plus the apocalypse weighing on him and everybody else. Furthermore, Gabriel McDow isn't crazy either. Autistic is not the same as crazy.

Similarly, Mason Duryea on Numb3rs: "Oh, he's playing another guy with a cult. Typecasting." Well, no, because Gaius didn't brainwash his cult members, he didn't even want a cult, he didn't use the cult to commit crimes, he never kidnapped anyone, etc. The connections people make with his new characters and Baltar are often shallow. Another problem might be that Gaius was so many things - angel/farmer/scientist/doctor/prophet/cult leader/womanizer/father (sort of)/pilot/prisoner etc. - that you could relate almost ANY character to some side of his arc. But it's kind of offensive to imply that he's just constantly playing the same guy. I do wonder if it annoys James. He doesn't seem particularly annoyed when he talks about it, but I can imagine there's frustration behind this comment. (It definitely annoys me, in case you didn't notice.)

He seems excited to be a part of Eureka, a show he has a lot of respect for:

"The show is very smart, very clever and funny, very different to Battlestar and I'd be very different in it."
Mmh. Well... Maybe I should give season 3 a chance. Maybe it really is clever and funny. *fuddles* OK, moving on.

So who is Dr Grant?

"He's a scientist, he's nothing like Gaius Baltar, let's put it that way. He's positive, he's a good guy, he means well, he has a rather ardent crush on Allison Blake who's played by Salli Richardson."

Awww, he sounds really good. I'd love to see James as a simply well-meaning good guy who also gets to be smart and funny.

Then he mentions the "triangle drama". Ooh dear.

"It seems that Sheriff Carter has watned to tell Dr Blake for some seasons that he's crazy about her. Only I ask her to dinner first. Tough. Sorry about that, Jack."

Hee. But... I don't think that's a real triangle drama. If someone's unable, for years on end, to tell someone they like her, then they have no dibs on that person. I hate this premise above all, because the concept that a couple is destined to be together and are just cruelly separated by circumstances or shyness or whatever... I mean, NO. Just because he's the male lead and she's the female lead, doesn't mean they have to be together.

That said, I do enjoy the idea of James as a romantic interest, especially a friendly romantic interest who just has a crush on someone. It sounds sweet and more like his real personality.

"It should be fun, it should be positive, and if it's not, then you know I don't quite really know what you're doing or what we're doing."

I hope it will be fun. But even if I don't love it, I promise I won't sit around griping about everything I find annoying about it (like I may have already done above, ahem).

Um, also something (being on BSG? filming in Vancouver?) is "better than a slap in the belly with a wet fish." Um, what now? :D :D Is this a real British phrase? I know my Mom likes to say "I'd rather do that than get spanked"*, but this one's even sillier. I'm not sure what he's talking about here - maybe he's so touched to be in BSG that he has to be a little silly for a moment.

Speaking of silly: people are carrying gigantic crates behind him.

"That's my lunch in the background. Enormous, I'm very, very hungry. Just round here, thanks!" *mischievious look at the camera*
Heee! :D (L) Very James moment there.

You know, he must be quite stressed lately with the hectic filming schedule and three kids and all that. It always surprises me how relaxed he is. Maybe this life really suits him and he's just happy as can be.

*=no, she doesn't mean it naughtily. I doubt she realizes you could. You don't know my Mom.


Nicole Anell said...

Ha, I just stumbled on this by accident while on the Syfy website, and I ran over here to tell you - I should've known you would be way ahead of me! :D

Deniselle said...

Awww, that's so sweet though! :D (L)

I actually did my usual "james callis eureka" search before bed and there it was :) James! (L)