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Gabriel McDow. And the Man Behind Him.

Zap2It has a new James interview: James Callis: The Man Behind Gabriel McDow! I must say I really like this title, and it makes me all proud again that James got to play this particular character.

He says he was "looking very rough". Well, I wouldn't say rough so much as ludicrous... but it does fit the character. Shocker: the outfit and accent were HIS idea.

"I was a very different kind of character," Callis says. "I was very protected by the glasses and the baseball cap and whatever it was. Initially they said, 'It's just you, wearing a mac, and we love the way you talk.' I'm like, 'That's going to seem so odd.'

Okay, so the outfit is silly, but it really fits the character. He's not supposed to look like he's all there, and James in a mac would look... just like a normal guy in a mac? He can do a lot with his facial features, but nothing wrong with huge jeans, tiny coat and TAPED WALKMAN. I can't get over that walkman. The accent has divided opinions, but I personally am impressed with his work there.

What impresses me the most is that he got the role on a very short notice, deep-thought it over and decided what works and doesn't work for the character. This is why they want him. I'm so proud of him.

"I've seen videos of Kim Peek, the guy who 'Rain Man' was based on. He's the original savant. These people, they're truly brilliant, but they're slightly askance."

As I expected, he sounds intrigued by this kind of character. As am I. There's something fascinating about autism, because you can't know how these people experience the world.

Apparently they all want James at the same time, so that he didn't really have time between this and Eureka:

"Pretty much," Callis says, "'Eureka' was the same thing. 'Do you think I could have some time?' 'Nope, that's it, Monday morning.' There's a lot of crazy push and pull. It's exciting.

"I would have done more ['FlashForward'] episodes if 'Eureka' hadn't come along. They wanted me to be in a season arc and maybe longer."

*groans* OK, I'll get over it. I really like him on FF and wish he could have done more episodes, but there's still hope of a second season, and James thinks Gabriel could return. I'll probably like Eureka a lot once I see him on it.

He's been working hard for a long time, and many actors never reach a level where there's push and pull in all directions. It's great that his talent has been acknowledged at last.

Then on the latest FlashForward episode: he was fabulous! (L) (L)

Episode 18, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. (Spoilers)

Gabriel shows up at Olivia's house. No one knows how he got there. Spooky...
Long story short: he tells her she was supposed to be with Lloyd, not her current husband. Gabriel's been watching her for a while and trying to stop her. He seems well-meaning, but acts all kinds of creepy.

Later, we find out he's an autistic savant who was used in experiments. The patients got flash forwards, and Dyson Frost asked them to write down everything they remember of the future. He (Frost) used this information when he caused the global blackout. Frost is now dead, but what does Gabriel know that can help the investigation?

He was listening to his walkman!! It's unbearably cute and funny!

I love his tummy! (L) OK, I know, he's slouching in a thick coat, but still. *snuggles so hard* The little boy look is also... (L)!!! What an adorable character.

Gabriel reminiscing stuff he's not supposed to know about. Creepy... yet somehow cute.

Olivia (Sonya Walger) realizes Gabriel knows a lot about her life. Understandably, she runs away, but Gabriel still has some things to say...

"The truth of the pudding is in the eating!" Um, Gabriel, maybe you should try and sound less crazy, if you want her to believe you.

How would you feel if you found him in the pictures of your old scrapbooks? It's like that scene in The Grudge where it becomes apparent that Kayako is in every one of Peter's photos. Actually, this is creepier, because Kayako was not looking straight into the camera with craazy eyes. *shudders*

So Gabriel has been involved in Olivia's life for a while. Is he a benevolent guardian angel who needs to set her life straight? Or a bad guy who's trying to destroy Olivia's life? We don't know.

Olivia unwisely goes to investigate Raven River, the mental hospital in Arizona that Gabriel keeps mentioning. Of course, he's there as well, and tells them about the experiments. (It's a bit nightmarish how he keeps showing up - how did he get to Arizona AND her house? He looks like a hobo - but you kind of expect it so he can deliver the necessary exposition.)

"Lloyd and Olivia sitting in a tree, K-I-I..." (they cut him off there - our savant can spell, right? Right? :D)

"Kitty likes tuna". Gabriel stops to contemplate on the more pleasant memories of his flashforwards. And ends up looking like a happy James again. It's a bit odd to see him smiling in this benevolent, childlike way, because it resembles his own smile so much.

When he was done, Dr Frost wanted to have them killed. Gabriel doesn't tell us how he escaped though - perhaps the memory is too painful. Note James' expression. Beautiful.

"Dyson Frost" is a name Gabriel does not want to hear. He looks like a scared child. Don't worry, Gabriel! Let me hold you! *snuggles* (I know, he'd just go "Can't touch this!" :D)

Dyson Frost is dead. "The early worm catches the bird! I have waited..." Slightly creepy reaction. But he seems too hapless to actually kill anyone. Honestly, I can't see this guy as a villain. He's not a villain, right? Right?

Gabriel tells Olivia he needs to correct her course, because she's going the wrong way. (Actually, next week's episode is called Course Correction, so maybe we'll see more of this storyline?) "Harvard was a fork in the road", he says. Olivia was supposed to go to Harvard and be with Lloyd, not go to UCLA and be with Mark.

While I find this idea of parallel realities and possible futures very interesting, I also have a problem with it. There are two children involved here: Olivia and Mark's daughter Charlie and Lloyd and his ex-wife's son Dylan. Were they not supposed to exist? Or would Lloyd and Olivia have produced the exact same children, only with each other? Only that's not possible if Charlie has half Mark's genes and Dylan half Lloyd's ex's... Am I already thinking too hard?

Either way, very intrigued about what else Gabriel knows and if Olivia can really correct her course. Can't wait for next week!

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