Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kitty Likes Tuna.

Aka "James Callis in FlashForward, part something", but I'm tired of having such long titles.

Tonight: more James Callis on FlashForward! Are you excited? I'm excited. Here's a preview clip with James. There are more clips here, and James also appears briefly in the fourth one. (I'm not commenting on that one because he's so briefly in it, and I don't really understand the significance - I think he was predicting Olivia's future in some way and she's only beginning to realize that he knows stuff.)

In the first clip, Gabriel is leading Olivia and, um, an FBI guy into a warehouse, saying they did the experiments here. He talks awkwardly, like he's scared of the memory.

"I never knew where I'd end up. Sometimes it was a short.. trip... I was eating a tuna sandwich... Cat jumped on the table... Kitty likes tuna. (smiles) Sometimes it was a long...trip... He watches from there. (points)"

I love the way he talks, because it's so childlike. You're telling a story and get sidetracked on a cute detail - kitty likes tuna - and smile a bit, then remember where you are and resume telling the story. He sounds like he's scared of the doctor who was watching.

Other brief notes:
-It BREAKS MY HEART to see Gabriel scared and sad. The closeups of his face are especially endearing. (L)!!!

-His accent has been praised and bashed. I think it's partially that Gabriel talks very awkwardly. His speech patterns are not the typical American speech; he stutters a bit, pauses, and emphasizes things differently than others. "I never knew where I'd end up" sounds totally American, while "This is where they did it" sounds kind of Irish. But it might be because he's just recalling it and there's pain in his voice there. In other words, it could be intentional, not James lapsing into a British accent. Either way, this is a really demanding role, so for his accent to sound better while doing it is quite an achievement. Respect!

-Love the luscious hair billowing out of the cap.

-The cap is in fact not the same blue as the coat - it is green. So they don't go together. They're just the same faded shade so they look like they do. Bwah!

-The chubby is beginning to show here, maybe because there were closeups this time. Whew! I was worried he'd only look chubby to me, and only in the promos and not on the show. I feel less nuts now.


Elina said...

Kitty likes tuna. Why wouldn't it. =)

Nicole Anell said...

<3 That little clip is awesome. I didn't like this week's episode as much as his scene last week, not crazy about this show in general. Still happy to see James though. :)

P.S. If you've seen it, is it just me or was the scene where Olivia found a bunch of photos where he's going O_O in the background unintentionally hilarious or was that just me? I'll try to put stuff on YouTube again.

Deniselle said...

Oh, I actually caved in and ... acquired... the episode :D It's not as funny as his first scene, but then he's not supposed to be comic relief. I'm really intrigued by this character and feel for him. Gaby-Waby! (L)

I thnk the photo scene was reminiscent of The Grudge. You know how Kayako was all over Peter's photos? I think maybe the "crazy eyes at the camera" was a bit much - the waiter shot was pretty nice though.