Saturday, April 10, 2010

James Callis Joins Eureka: part 2

And we have the first picture! Granted, it's taken from afar (by lucky fans who could go see the show film!), so I'll have to refrain from any precise analyses for now, but he's looking good! Probably to the dismay of many fans, he seems to have short hair for the show. I'll admit I'm a bit disappointed - I do love the mane so - but the hair is styled nicely, and he's looking smart and handsome. I'm curious as to what he's holding - that thing could be anything. A model airplane? A baby's milk bottle? A remote control controlling the weather? On that show, it could be anything.

More in-depth, an interview with Eureka's co-executive producer Amy Berg at io9. She assures us that they don't just hire sci fi geeks for the geekery, they want actors with range:

Eureka has a very specific tone — it's science fiction, sure, but it also has a lot of heart. And it's funny. To find an actor who can tell a joke in one scene and get their heart broken in the next is not an easy task, regardless of genre.

That pretty much describes James! I'm gleeful to hear Berg - so soon after the FF producer - praise James' talent. Apparently he's also a Eureka fan:

He jumped at the chance join Eureka and was especially excited when we told him what we had in mind for his character. Casting him was serendipitous, really. In Vancouver, the soundstages for Battlestar Galactica were next door to Eureka, so James was already friends with some of our regulars. And then when his name appeared on a casting list for Dr. Grant, our eyes lit up. He is a genuine talent.

Hmmm. I feel a bit bad that I was so lacklustre about the news - and it seems like all James fans were pretty meh. If I had heard about Eureka before FlashForward, I might have been much more excited. But it just doesn't seem like my kind of show. I hope that when it airs, I will be proven wrong and get sucked into it.

(inner battle:
should I give the show another chance and season three? It had higher ratings. James is a smart guy and he usually has good taste...
but he did Merlin...
NO! What kind of a pathetic fangirl would I be if I started to love a show just because James loves it? Put yourself together, woman!)

Yeah, I'm still not a fan of the show, but it's still 20 episodes of a show with James in it. And he gets to be funny! Should be fun!

Asked about the character, Berg doesn't want to spoil. Blah! Nobody ever wants to spoil. I wouldn't mind being spoiled a little, because we have to wait until July to see it.

Let's just say that Grant is unlike any character Callis has played, and unlike any character we've had on the show. He's an outsider trying to find his way. James is having a blast with the part. And he gets to mix it up with Colin Ferguson's Carter, which is fun for both of them.

The character sounds like it might be a challenge for James and intriguing for the viewers. However, someone rightly points out in the comments that Baltar, too, was an outsider trying to find his way. But Berg has probably seen BSG and knows what she's talking about, so I'll be cautiously optimistic about his role.

Awww, I just realized something. If Salli Richardson-Whitfield's character has a baby, maybe James gets to act with a baby? Seeing him hold a baby would be so... *coos* Daddy man!!!! Ah, I knew I'd find some gush-worthy aspects of the show, no matter what.

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Elina said...

It really is annoying when your favorite actor appears in a show you couldn't care less about... oh well, I like all scifi in theory, so maybe I'll give it a try.