Sunday, April 25, 2010

James Callis on FlashForward, part 5: Muy Caliente.

(callis.. caliente.. callisent.. no... I know, my titles suck, but you gotta have a title.)

Look how pretty!!!! These are from The Negotiation, so a few weeks away. Different coat, longer hair, no cap = gorgeous. Also, he's listening to the walkman, which is somehow hilarious. I wonder what he has on the tape? MC Hammer?

His expressions are soo... *hood on, points with a crazy look* *excited little boy look* *huddles sadly like he needs Mommy to comfort him* (L)!!! (Tell me, how can this guy be a villain? Was that someone's misinterpretation or is this all an act and he'll turn out to be some evil mastermind? I can't decide if that would be a huge disappointment, since I already like Gabriel and feel for him, or epicly awesome since he'd get to do two characters in one. But we'll see.)

And: he is chubby! I knew it! He is SO CUTE right now, I could just eat him. Hope he kept it on for Eureka. (L)!!!

I'm not sure if I can handle all the cute at this point. And such a great role so far! It's all too good to be true.

Major thanks to M for finding the photos.


Nicole Anell said...

I wonder what he has on the tape? MC Hammer?
LMAO! (Can't touch this!)

Elina said...

*Looks how pretty* SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!